I love flying new ships

I admit it….. I love flying new ships, I’ve been guilty of just un-docking in something that, for all tenses and purposes, I REALLY should not fly till I get better support skills but dammit I love new ships.

The heavy interdictor will be no exception at all, less than 1 week away and poof new shiny ship I can fly…

less than 1 week to be sure, and the broadsword will be MINE ALL MINE….photos will be upcoming

~ by Manasiv5 on September 26, 2008.

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  1. Taking that new ship out for the first time is really great. We try to allow the students to come out & see some of the bigger ships when one of us old guys gets a new shiny.My Onyx tanked a mixed fleet of 14 students in frigs and cruisers. I was accused of being 'H4x0r'. ;)DC

  2. New ships for the win!!!I just finished training my skills to gallente battleship to 3 and I can fly my Hyperion now. With the hybrd skills already trained up, it seems to field properly at last. And I totally agree with the amount of T2 ships I can fly with frigate and cruiser skills at 5 =]Go get those super-caps Mr. Mule!

  3. Yeah… that old "new ship'itis".These days I find I normally try and train all the modules for a certain ship first, that way by the time I can fly the ship, I can "fly" the ship. But yeah, even still when I got my carrier it was like that.. (still had to train skills to III or IV). However I still took it into combat anyway… The funny thing is when you cross train another race, then when you hit frigate V or cruiser V, you suddenly get 4-8 new T2 ships to fly… as a result there are many ships at least one of my characters can fly, but yet I haven't.

  4. I love getting new ships. After an exciting flurry of new toys, though, I'm now in the boring phase of actually learning the skills to fly 'em well. Enjoy the Broadsword.

  5. Thanks Mynxee, as always I appreciate the comments

  6. I know what you mean, as a result I have more ships than I ever fly. If I could only keep five of them, it would have to be Rifter, Stabber, Hurricane, Cynabal, Rapier. Oh wait, and I need my Cheetah. And uhmmm…Tempests come in handy sometimes. And…well. See what I mean? So I hear you…new ships are awesome! Just as long as I don't hafta give up the old ones.Early gratz on your Broadsword license!

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