Gathering Money

So, I thought I would mention to you kind readers the single best money making idea I have ever come across in EvE.
I am not a rich EvE player. I know people with literally tens of billions of dollars. I am just not a gather money and hoard it type of guy..I spend it. I like flying new ships, trying new things, and as such sometimes I run low on funds. When in this situation usually will rat, unless another of member of my corp is ratting …if so I use my “secret weapon money maker“.

I follow my money rule (cost of ship + mods + insurance cost ) -(insurance payout + cash) =(number must be positive).

If my number is negative, then I use the following:
4 salvagers + 4 tractor beams with a battle cruiser 8 hi slots ftw …+ 5 cargo expander II’s and a nice shield tank to absorb and remaining rat damage. I loot what I want/need at the time but mainly I am there for salvage.

My last salvaging run to the Forge region netted me 76 Million! This was 2 weeks worth of salvaging loot that I sold.

Not bad when you consider I would have looted the wrecks for what I wanted anyways, netted the bounties for the kills, on top of it I salvaged the loot and sold it.

~TC and hope it helps some of you all out there.

~the Mule

** For those unawares when I say “rat”, I mean that I hunt pirates in asteroid belts, then I salvage the wrecks for the cash….I hope this clears up any misconception.

~ by Manasiv5 on September 29, 2008.

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  1. Sorry, but I don't think I am understAnding this concept. What is it exactly that you are doing. I want to know more, as I am also running low on cash atm.The part of the article which confused me is the insurance part. Other than that it seems like you are salvaging? But from what wrecks?Thanks in advance if you can help me with your concept!-Tony

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