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So I have been thinking about a post that kirith put up on his blog
Let me start by saying that I have only experienced lag three times:

  1. In my old home in Vale of the silent/ Tribute region when jumping through the choke point P3EN, there was massive 150 person fleet with 2 titans, 1 launched a DD (doomsday device)..I then saw a large amount of lag within the system..once i jumped, no more lag…April/May this year
  2. Jumping into a system with three large bubbles and a large fleet on the gate as I did when I joined a very large gate camp in BY- MSY a few weeks back with 100 people on the gate. 3-4 weeks ago, once lag cleared(45 seconds or so) I experinecd no other issues
  3. Jumping into Jita Before the new Stackless IO…as of this weekend I jumped in with 1000 pilots in system with no lag problems

Now I admit I have not seen much of it, so perhaps my P.O.V. is skewed by this inability of mine to find it. Does it exist? Certainly, as demonstrated by the latest blog by Ombey

The comment by Andrew on Kirtih Kodachi blog about NOT wanting a single universe really got me thinking about this. Why would you not want it…according to him ( who I am paraphrasing, it is because EVE is one universe that there is lag) I disagree strongly, I think people bring out the lag issue to explain issues of unresponsiveness. Ombey describes genuine resonsiveness problems as do I.

  • Does the inability of the client to be able to rapidly display the game data count as lag?
  • Does the inability of an I.S.P. to deliver packets without loss through a stable connection count as lag?
  • Or is lag simply a “catch all” phrase to blame some nameless thing for something going wrong?

I vote for the last item in about 90% of the cases, the remainign 10% are due to ISP and game mechanic issues (otherwise, why create a new technology to combat it)?

So, what can be done?

  • Well CCP introduced Stackless IO…for thier part I think that this is a huge step in a good direction. This eliminates a bad bottleneck.
  • Network connections to the internet are notoriously spotty for some people, so the onus is on the clients to make sure that ISP’s provide good solid connections. This also elimnates a bottleneck. ( I use DSL reports and a smokeping to test the ISP’s connection)
  • Aside from this, I’m unsure what I could suggest for others to do, I can only spell out what I do. If that would help people out I’m happy to do it but won’t make you all read it unless that is important to you.

What are your thoughts ladies and gentlemen?

~ by Manasiv5 on September 30, 2008.

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  1. The stackless I/O is a great step forward. I just hope the M-O node crashes provided them with valuable info that they can use.

  2. I think CCP may be getting at a solution…I hope so, anyway. I jumped into Jita yesterday morning with 607 people there and it was no more laggy jumping in or docking at 4-4 than what I experience in Dodixie with 200 in system.

  3. One problem with graphics intensive games is the possibility of players having their client graphics settings set too high. They want to see all the pretty things, but don't understand this can cause 'lag' on their end.The first thing to try: trim down your graphics settings.

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