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Well, it seems I am a bit of a flibbertyigibbet to use my mother’s term. I like the new ships as I posted about on Monday the Broadsword is very close ( I should actually be in one tonight already bought and modules ready to go in 4-4 in Jita tonight) but well, the waiting is the hardest part ( I have absolutely no patience at all for this waiting) Arrgggggggg it is killing me…so close..so close.

So last night I ratted for a while (to those uninitiated, I mean I killed NPC rats in asteroid belts) last night and throughly enjoyed the blow by blow action against a enemy Moros.

Now to lose almost 2.5 Billion is not an easy pill to swallow. Made even more difficult by people like me who write about how much of an idiot they guy was. Here is the kill STUPID MOROS. Now some may take offesne at me calling this guy stupid but well he was.

  • Tip1: When jumped by a tackler make sure you have a way out
  • Tip 2: When sitting on a gate semi-afk and 5 or so carriers jump in…expect to die.
  • Tip 3: Do not try to activate the self destruct sequnece if your gonna die before the timer expires
  • Tip 4: Do not smack talk in local you look like a complete and utter idiot and asshat

Here is a word to the wise to avoid losing your 1.5 Billion dollar ship and your probably 1 Billion in True Sansha modules, do not camp a gate ( semi afk even) from a .5 system to a .4 system that hundreds of people use. I am unindoctrinated about siege mode in a Moros, but how effective is it when 6 carrier jump you? I think you can pretty much kiss your ass goodbye.

Another, thought is one that I will share with Members of the blogpack.

Due to the fact that you are fellow bloggers, and I do not wish anyone the painfull loss that happens when friends fight, I will NEVER FIRE FIRST. Period. If you want to use that aginst me …fine, just know that once attacked ill do EVERYTHING I CAN to get “back”at whomever shoots me ….”venegence I know thy name well.”

On to others thoughts, maybe it is just me but well I would like ot have the Dev blogs spread out a bit over the space of a few weeks rather than “brain dumps”, not that I mind the content, just the sort of stop and start of them.

Hope this all find you well…

TC and keep your eyes on the prize


~ by Manasiv5 on October 2, 2008.

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  1. If you have chatlogs enabled, post the smack!! We lub the smack

  2. I missed reading the smack talk as I was listening on vent ( I had two corpmates there , one of whom is extremely honest and I summed up what I could) Had I been there i'd have Screen shotted it to share 🙂

  3. That dude had no chance, LOL. Share the smack, Mule!!!

  4. would've been nice to have a pic of the Smacktalk! I always love to see the before and the after when the guy looses his ship.Also, the guy has to be new to Pirating. I mean, i don't know much myself, but if i ever start pirating, you can be sure i'll start at the bottom, like a cruiser or something to get the hang of it.

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