Not so Easy to come by, certainly not so easy to lose

Behold the tale I weave, use it as a lesson or reminder of why EvE is a tough place to “play”.

SO I picked up the Broadsword Heavy Interdictor, and set the path to my destination, PAYE. She was setup with T1 guns and a warp interdictor + a script, mediums were 2 LSE II’s 1 Thermic Hardener, 1 T2 Invul, 1 T2 Phton Invul, 1 T2 Heat Invul. Lows were 2 PDU II’s 2 SPR II’s. Loaded up with ammo and rolled out the station.

Hopped through several gates without issue, and then Halaban gate.

Hopped into the gate and found 6 War Targets sitting on the gate.

Now several thoughts went through my head:
1st Thought was return to the gate and rehop around this system.
2nd Thought wish I had put in a MWD
3rd Thought didnt matter… as there was an Onyx, Curse, Rapier and a Zealot

These ships in combination are extremely deadly to say the least.

Now, I tried to re approach, and got within 9 KM of the gate sadly no luck, hadn’t locked anything as I wanted the ability to jump back to Tash-Murkon Prime. I could not warp, I could not speed away all I could do was die. $135M poof… gone… in 15 minutes.

To say I was upset was an understatement. I hate losing ships. I hate it terribly. Such is life, such is EvE…

Here is the Killmail
TC and watch your back ppl.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Not so Easy to come by, certainly not so easy to lose”

  1. @ombey…Hilaban is hi sec bro…none the less your words are extremely wise.

  2. Gutted, sorry to hear that. But you learned from the lesson- MWDs are a must in PvP and lowsec travelling.

  3. Nice post, despite the bad news it brings.Pretty much sums up how people feel when they lose a ship especially in such harsh circumstances.

  4. Ouch indeedy.Maybe it's the punishment for not "Twittering" shall I say ;)Hope your weekend picks up and you can gain some of your losses back!

  5. I am sorry about this…as they say, don't fly what you can't afford to lose. But still…a loss like that–esp. so soon after you got the ship–is like a kick in the gut. Also…sorry I didn't respond in chat when you mentioned it…I didn't notice the comment immediately as it kinda got lost in the scroll of my own yammering.

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