Stubborn as a mule

I will not use this new fangled twitter thing, who gives a rats ass what I say about this and that or when I go bio or whatnot…. haha well I jest to a point. I refuse to like this technology! I refuse I say! What do you want from a mule?

I might be subject to bribery… I can think of a particular Calendar I have been wanting, thanks to Spectre for the idea, this calendar would show a particular item, being worn by Mynxee’s corp the hellcats. One for each month 🙂

Calendar will helcats in thongs value = priceless

I’m not really into instant messages and what not plus I do my posting from work (no IM at work) when I am less busy or need a break.

Otherwise I have a 20 year class reunion coming up this weekend, so no EvE till Sunday Evening for me. By then the Heavy Interdictor (WOOO finally) will hopefully be able to be moved to Stain.

I’ll update you all as to the uses of this wonderful ship as I get better at using her.

Yes to me, consider me a purist,… I call ships “her/she” rather than “him/he”

TC for now


~ by Manasiv5 on October 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Stubborn as a mule”

  1. I shared a similar stance towards Twitter…Well up until last night, I caved when Crazy Kinux informed me of it's uses…So…there I am now…Texting random things in…I couldn't beat them…so I joined us. Now my brain has been eaten. JOIN US! JOIN US!

  2. *Mynxee knows how to get a mule to do her bidding. Tweet tweet tweet and I'll give you a scratch and a treat.

  3. grr..Chants the mantra 🙂 must remain stubborn..must remain stubborn..

  4. C'mon Mule, you know you want to tweet!CrazyKinux

  5. Damn, you heard it here first and NOT on Twitter. No Helcats Calendar.:P

  6. You only *think* you won't, Manasi. Tweet tweet tweet. You might as well order one of those Hellcats thongs for your RL ladylove…it'll be faster than waiting for our calendar to be published *wink*

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