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So, here are some pictures camping a station in Stain (I think NRT4) The medium warp disruption bubble is tothe left but the heavy interdictor sphere encompasses that bubble but is almost double in size.

Another view of the same station looking through both spheres

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Better views I think the interdiction sphere can be really hard to spot but it looks like a blue corona, you can see it better looking at the black in this picture.

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For some morbid reason I think the bubbles and the spheres for that matter have a certain deathly bueaty to them. Certainly if you get caught in one or the other you are dead meat, but the way they shimmer (especially with the newer graphics) I simply cannot get enough of them.

Ah well onto other thoughts, no signs of MASS about yesterday still the campaign to rid these vermin called Amarr form my home area. They disgust me, getting all preachy and speaking down to me and my Caldari brethern. Certainly these MASS idiots, I mean people, give the normal Amarr I fly with a bad name.

Oh yes another bit of advice for those who like to support others rather than just blast the heck out of everything. Last night myself and 2 others ran a nice complex that had 14 or 15 waves of ships. So why am I talking abotu support ships? the basilisk kicks butt as a support ship, 65 shields every 2 seconds(from over 35K away), plus EM hardeners plus Thermic hardners and he could perma run it. Absolutely phenomenal ship indeed. Not the first time I had seen this ship in action but the first time my raven had been supported by it. Great ship and one hell of a job done by my corpmate Phin Bu.

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  1. Awesome photos man!!!

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