Speed Changes

Well an interesting thing has occurred, Developers actually read my post on the forums.

Case in point:
Posted 10/6/2008

Last night CCP actually asked my question of the devs and it was reasonably answered it.

Recap from the live dev blog (some one plz correct me if I am wrong or you knwo different info)

  • Speed maxed to 8KM/s (interceptors are my thought, but unconfirmed)
  • Warp Scramblers will stop MWD’s from working
  • Stasis Webs will be used to slow ships down that are using Afterburners
  • Afterburners wil be looked at in a large way to make them useful again
  • Missiles will be completely revamped they are leaning toward signature radius of missile vs Sig radius of the ship to determine damage taken, rather than speed.
  • MWD will light up the Sig radius which will cause more damage, afterburners will not increase sig radius
  • Changes will go to Singularity for testing
  • Masses, agility, and base speeds of ships will be altered somewhat to bring them into a smoother curve with larger ships not quite as capable of hitting ludicrous speed.
  • frigate guns will work best against that class, cruiser guns against that class and so on
  • Speed implants will be moved to a single slot..implants that change will be moved to cargo bay of the ship or to players base

My thoughts on this are along these lines:

Smaller ships should go the fastest the smaller the ship the faster it will go
i.e. ceptor should be able to tackle with an afterburner

Afterburners should help you go very fast but take a minute to get you there, and then hold it.

Micro warp drives should get you up to Max speed for bursts but not hold you there
i.e MWD on a BS will light the BS up for max damage but should close the gap incredibly fast but then bleed out the cap

Nothing should be immune from damage due to speed.
What are your thoughts?


~ by Manasiv5 on October 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Speed Changes”

  1. If they don't increase the afterburners bonus or effectiveness, then I don't see people using webs anymore as the warp disruptors will break MWDing.Never the less, I will just adapt, the only big problem that is posed to me is my Crow, but then again I do fly that quite a bit…

  2. I disagree with you Spectre. While I see where you are coming from, I find the speed and agility of ships in eve far to fast from an immersive point of view for me. In my humble world view, I think all ships should be even slower! LOLHowever, I know my view is not shared by many (or any?) so in defeat I accept CCP's proposed nerf as at least something 🙂

  3. I hear ya on that although frig & cruisers & and what not should not be able to evade all damage…that's the only thing that got me. I have seen vagabonds flying at over 10KM/s totally impervious to all harmNone the less, I understand your point, while I may disagree that the changes do/or do not need to take place (and I do fly nano'd ships) I respect your willingness to tell me your thoughts ~ hats off to you.

  4. I've played several MMO's and every time changes are suggested or implemented, there are lots of whiners on the forums who complain and complain and take things way too seriously and make unfair assumptions. That being said, this might be the first time where I totally agree with a majority of the people on the forums whining and complaining and calling this nerf a huge overreaction.All they need to do is create stacking penalties for speed mods, especially polycarbs and reduce the effectiveness of some of the insane implants. It is absolutely ridiculous to completely rework a large portion of the physics and combat system to fix a problem with a very small number of ships and pilots. On top of that, a change this massive will probably have all sorts of adverse effects upon other styles of play that they never even dreamed of.Sorry that was a bit of a rant but I am really not looking forward to these retarded changes if they actually take place and I don't even fly nano ships.

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