Patience is not something I was born with, it is something has has to be nurtured, cared for and allowed to flourish, sadly I keep my patience locked away in a cold dark closet and it never grows…by much.

Why mention this? two reasons:
1) I itch for the ability to fly several ships well( by well I mean use the weapons systems plus the advantages of the ship to it’s fullest extent). Vagabond without T2 guns sorts lacks the firepower I want, same goes with the Broadsword, and the Muninn. I long to be able to whack people from either close range or preferably long range. I have always been in my heart a sniper. One shot one kill does not work in EvE, so I have relegated myself to support roles ( I love ECM I have come to learn) I don’t mind shield repping, Armor repping or whatnot. Still the ability to launch heavy weapons from far away has a huge appeal for me, which takes us back to patience, I gotta have the skills high enough to use some of these weapons.

2) The “bar” keeps moving. Case in point my alliance sent out a mail about 1 month ago saying snipers were considered a ship that could use it’s weapon systems at 130KM + yet, the mail I just got now says 180KM. At first I was pleased I could be useful, now however I am debating fielding my ship. For a jammer like me, there are a couple things I can do but get to 180KM for effective jamming range? That takes training some ECM skills to 5 ( which gets in the way of the gun skills)( hence the patience comment) I want to tell the guy to pound sand….

So what do you all do? (you being the good readers of this blog)
Do you train the skills to 5 and when you get there feel like you have done what was needed?
Do you blow off this mail and say “this is what I can do take it or leave it?”
Do you do something in the middle?

I’m interested in your thoughts


~ by Manasiv5 on October 11, 2008.

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  1. Being a mission runner atm, my corp doesn't really have any requirement as far as it goes. On the other hand, my alt which is in 0.0 atm would need to be able to snipe effectively at 150km away. Fortunetly for me and my alt, i am training for a hulk right now to support our POS and be a part of the mining ops, so it's not that much of an issue.On the other hand, i completely agree with Mynxee on that one though. It is a game for us all, and after raiding for 3 years on WoW with it's various requirements, i feel that i am now paying 15$ a month to play a game the way i enjoy it. So whatever they say, remember who's the boss and you'll find your way.

  2. We don't have any corp skill targets at the Tuskers, either. At the moment I'm focussed on getting all of my support skills to level 4 (gunnery and navigation are already done, armour is next) and basically making myself awesome at flying Rifters, Ruptures, and Hurricanes. I'm on a little detour at the moment to get thermodynamics, mind. I, personally, wouldn't even consider a T2 ship until I could T2 fit it and fly it well.

  3. I've never been asked to hit a minimum skill in anything for corp use, so i'm entirely driven by my own desires. Generally I tend to chop and change all over the plan, but it does leave me feeling a little unfulfilled, since I want to be able to fly dozens of types of ships, and be able to wield tech 2 weapons for those, as well as use a hulk, and use a freighter, and use a blockade runner, and so on and so forth… I tend to do my skilling in blocks, spend a fornight doing something combat related, then a fortnight doing something non combat related and so on, means I dont hit any of my goals fast, but I see progress on every one of them a lot.Mainly as well as when I hit a goal I tend to get a bit burned out without anything to aim for, so I always like to raise my personal bar all the time too.

  4. "…take it or leave it" would be my response. Who's paying the bill (for skillbooks, ships, modules, and yes, even your account)? That's what would influence my decision if I were conflicted.

  5. It depends. I've trained to jump freighters like I planned (which included quite a lot of level 5 skills, but training 50+ days for slightly better fuel efficiency doesn't seem like worth it.So I'm currently in the "grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side" phase, where I'm looking enviously at the battleships slowly gliding past my puny transport. A decent fit is 100+ days away, but I'm seriously considering diversifying my skill portfolio.

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