Some thoughts on new players

So yesterday I was on my alt character Emeki, and I was in the CAS corp and a new player hopped on. I played the tutorials very briefly when I came back, last year in October after a long hiatus but the New player tutorials have changed a large degree.

So I tried to jump into the fray and help the guy out. What an utter failure, I tried for 30 minutes to walk the guy through the basics and well sadly I just could not get the guy to un-dock and reset his overview to find star gates, sounds simple but try walking someone who knows squat about eve how to reset his overview. NOT EASY to do

Along the way, I thought I would try out faction warfare, and well, I did not have enough standing and had to wrack my brain about how to fins Amarr Navy agents I could use to boost my Amarr faction. Finally I remembered to search by corp, then check the info, then look in the agents tab.

So, I set up all the support skills for Emeki to be able to fly combat ships in eve and will take about 1 month to finish training then all should be set.

Anyways back to the new players, anyone ever try to introduce anyone to EvE? Tough learning curve to be sure, seeing all the trouble the new player had yesterday I was wondering what could be done to ease them into EvE?

My ideas:

Streamline the buttons on the left hand side, as aurora points out a new feature have it’s button light up. Don’t just show every button and give description, have each mission relate to a button on the left.

The overview…for gods sake make jump gates visible in a beginners overview, overloading them with info sucks, some people process faster than others, make the overview and add option button ( i.e. start with only gates and player ships) let people ADD things as they fly around, again prompting them with Aurora when needed. As it is now we have this mishmash of crap that I always have to change and I’ve played this game going on 2 years or so.

I don’t know about you but the whole overview revamp made it more complicated not less…I still after all my tinkering with it ( I have 5 overview settings) still somehow manage to screw crap up. Why couldn’t we have a default tab for PvP that we could reset to? Or one for factional warfare, or one for POS maintaining….no no we ahve to painstankingly muddle through these settings…again not very player friendly and certainly to a new player downright idiotic.

I like the settings I really do but lets start with some basic templates and allow people to customize from there eh?

~TC for now

~ by Manasiv5 on October 13, 2008.

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  1. I've been in the gam for about 18 months, and I still find myself having to ask questions on how such and such works, it is the most complex game, but the more rewarding for it.China Flex

  2. Thanks for reading , very kind indeed. 🙂 I would hope that some of these ideas would be worth CCP's time.

  3. I started reading this blog about six weeks ago and have enjoyed your take on EVE. I read your comments on the tutorials with interest because I too think they could be much better.I started in Eve in February 08 and while I did the tutorials, there was still much that I only learned by trial and error and by advice from corpmates. Some of the goonfleet and other training videos that are on YouTube were also helpful. I just learned an easier way to do a basic task last week, that should have been covered somewhere in the tutorial.But the changes you suggest make too mcuh sense for CCP to implement them.Keep up the good work. I especially like the links to other EVE bloggers on your site. If you are ever over in Placid/Sinq Liasion/Verge Vendor look me up.

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