The blog pack and where I fit in

Well I thought it good to explain kind of where I see myself fit in to this crazy group of bloggers called the Blog Pack. I will look at blogpack as a kind of Corp.( Just as in EvE, I try to think of gameplay like a corporation)

Edits are in red. Please forgive the initial spelling mistakes…

As such I thought that I could assign each member a divison/position within the Blog pack “corporation”.
Lets start at the top:

CEO is CrazyKinux…a.k.a. Master and commander. All hail the chief!

Director~ As such the grandaddy of EvE comic creators, and great podcast creator!

Human Relations~ Those that deal with the inner corporation members and push the policies that they see fit, for the betterment of pirates..I mean the blogpack ๐Ÿ™‚

Public Relations~ Those that are the “face” of the blogpack. They deal with the public, and have all the tools necessary to help the blogpack deal with the public at large.

VP of PR Life in Low Sec, by Mynxee ( she is hot to boot and loves Mules even) She makes the thought of a hostile takeover incredibly appealing, until you realize that all the members of HR and PR are pirates ๐Ÿ™‚ But oh to see the red headed one (look at her blog banner) in action…such fun! Put out the fire put out the fire…were burning up ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finance Department~ those among us that have the ability to deal with all matters financial. Never underestimate the power of $

  • Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, by Kirith Kodachi~ Good guy who has been playing a while (a long time solo) against the pathetic, FINEG.
  • One Man And His Ship, by Karox Lominax Didn’t want kirith to get all full of himself, plus Karox is more of an industrialist as such he know figures and things about finance

Support staff~ Ideas, thoughts, helpful tutorials and whatnot

Engineering~ Those with all kinds of skills, some helpful advice, and very good perspectives

Training~ those in charge of expanding our horizons, also those that dedicate their lives in EVE to helping others ๐Ÿ™‚

IT department~ Incredible writers with major impact without them we would not be nearly as complete nor as well informed.

  • EVE Network News, by Serious Sally
  • CrazyKinux’s Musing We all really do love the chief, a hell of a intel source, a nice guy, and he even says nice things about us…what more could you want?

Research and Design~ Winterblink has a few blogs but also publishes comics and thoughts as well as a Podcast…they guy is very busy always well worth a good read/listen.

  • Postings from the Edge, by Zapatero As per his comment he is not a dev, I think, sorta..good read and a great Point of view from the E:ON editor…i think he is the editor.
  • Warp Drive Active, by Winterblink

In house writers~ The ability of the folks to generate incredible story style blogs cannot be underestimted, great style always a fun read.

Some noteworthy people of note:

Mynxee is the head of VP and public relations as such she is highly qualified for PR. She always writes nice comments on our blogs, has posted a store, and has stared her own Corp…a.k.a. the Hellcats, go visit her blog…She was gonna make a calendar with her and the hellcats in some riske undergarments..till Spectre scared her off that idea ๐Ÿ˜‰ (jk Mynxee)

Letrange is also worthy of note as are all the all the pirates, they make up the core of the HR and the PR staff…yes tongue in cheek but you get the point

I placed Kirith as the head of finance: He is a very smart guy who knows a great deal about industry as do some others mind you…but Kirith is one guy you do not want to underestimate.

Zapatero is the only member I have actually met in RL, we had fun even if I was one of the few that actually tried to play EVE while in Philadelphia ( 4th annual E:ON awards last April) I was the big guy in the corner mining while the E:ON awards were being presented…ask him about it I am sure he’ll remember * Great issue Zapatero every time….. 13th rocks!

I hope you do not mind the tongue in cheek look at all the members of the pack.

Oh a little about stubborn and proud of it…Deal with the mule for he is quite determined, also look on the right side as for what I commonly try to tag. I like comments and will do my best to respond.

~Take Care and good hunting all.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 15, 2008.

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  1. Thanks so much for an awesome post recapping the personalities in the Eve Blogpack. I have found the pack to be entertaining and informative, and will be checking out New Eden soon after enjoying learning about this amazing alternate universe!

  2. LOL!! In game I am an engineer from the Amarr professions and in real life, I am an IT techie. You hit the nail right on the head mate!!!

  3. Hehe, I'm teaching those nublets to rebel and mutiny!Muhahaha, watch your backs everyone. And Kirith, check the corp wallet as maybe you'll see some money dripping out already…

  4. *puts Karox's desk in the hall*Great, I needed a secratary! Get me a coffee, will you Karox?*runs*

  5. This is freakin' awesome!!!I'm CEO (Crazy Editor Overthere!)What an original piece mate. Seriously you had me laughing at every line; to the point I had to use a kleenex cause I couldn't read anymore!Thanks for the laughs. You've made my day! =)CrazyKinux(btw, you're missing a 'g' at the end of CrazyKinux's Musin)

  6. Don't forget Mynxee, I've been in Eve for over two years and I was pirate/mercenary for more than half of it. I may fly straight and true right now, but I know where to find the dark side… *evil grin*

  7. Heh, interesting take on things.I'm not quite sure where I would fit in, but the 'incredible writer' bit is a shock, i'm always struggling to find stuff to whitter on about.Anyway, I'd probably rank myself more industrial at the moment, but as per usual, I've took a bit of a shift, and i'm going to spend a month on combat skills again before continuing on my route for the hulk and transport ships etc, so i'm probably more the 'schizo workmate who sits in the corner talking to himself'

  8. Mule, this is a funny and original take on our Pack! Are you sure you don't want to put a pirate in charge of Finance? C'mon! Be adventurous. Kirith is probably so tight with money he squeaks…we won't get to have any office parties or anything! *Mynxee envisions her Faction office chair and fills out a purchase order in pirate codetalk so Kirith won't recognize it for what it is and fail to authorize it.

  9. I'm not a dev. I just do a good impression of one ๐Ÿ™‚

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