Random thoughts V2

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that MASS was being a pain in the Ass. Well actually they were taking it on the chin, and pretty much anywhere else. One of our pilots in Ceptacemia has caused them much pain ( way to go Gixxer).

Last night we discovered that they have hired a small corp “Bad Tempers” to come and play in Stain. Good luck your going to need it.

On to other topics, the Quantum Rise Expansion looks to be great. While no longer an industrialist, anything that helps them produce more goods, means in the end , more goods to use. One thing of note, these changes will be rolled out piece at a time, not a whoel block of patches that we might be used to (trinity). I would like to look at three of the features that I think will have big impact:

1) The “linking” of weapons and the ability to change out ammo with a quick right click. Amaar pilots can change lasers, Calderi can change hybrid ammo etc. The ability to change ammo ( which affects rangeand damage you might recieve) is huge and tactically has a big impact.

2) The “countdown timer” of an activated module ( hurray for the ECM jammers) the ability to manually click the jammer of your type and to know how long till the jam time expires will be huge. Knowing how long you have on your strip miners might also be a usefull thing.

3) ORCA I’m unsure what role this ship will fill so I will hold off on any predictions about it…(persoanlly I would love to be able to fly this around, without needing Capital class skills) it seems as if their is a HUGE gulf between an Industrial ship and a Frieghter, and I would like for that gap to be filled.

The wealth of Dev blogs seems to have slowed slightly but I am sure looking forward to the upadted QEN. The March QEN was released late but they promised( with actual dates mind you) It is a good read and recpas some interesting info. The only thing I wish is that we could have seen is this newsletter being released in April, but it was released….so no more bitching

Hope all is well with the good readers.

TC ~Manasi

~ by Manasiv5 on October 22, 2008.

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