Orca thoughts & potential changes to this blog…

Thank goodness actually something that I could fly with relatively little time involved. You might ask why?..Fair enough question. My answer: I do not want to fly capitals and the only way to move stuff around like that is a Charon or equivalent for hi sec space…problem is cost. Freighter skill + the cost of the ship = probably around a billion or more I would imagine…

That puts it entirely out of my price range.

Ways I envision using it? Simply packing up all my ships ( incl the couple of BS I have) and being able to move all my stuff at 1 time. Thank god for that.

Also those of a more care bear like proclivities could use it as a, hi sec mining director, tractor cans from 70KM…SWEET. Not great numbers in term of defense but not terrible either 9k shields and armor, 42K structure. I’d love to see the agility stats and whatnot or alignment time but meh, works so far.

Unsure about how you all feel but I am enjoying this staggered rollout of new thing..keeps things much more interesting.

One thing I would like help on is any tools, that others use in WordPress? I am considering trying to import this blog over to a separate server with WordPress installed and hosting it over there. I will update this site as a result and let folks know in advance to get comments on it as soon as it is ready fro prime time.

~ by Manasiv5 on October 23, 2008.

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  1. I agree with Kirith, totally an upside. But how much will it be will the question that first comes up to my mind.I wonder how they will get it introduced into the market (blueprints, COSMOS, or just NPCs)…By the way, WordPress IMO works much better than Blogger. I just enjoy all the customization, layout, and ease of use. They have updates that fix bugs frequently and it is widely considered to be a good blogging tool. Just look at ENN!If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email (I helped Malnor with TW)!

  2. I'm buying an Orca ASAP, although I have flown a Fenrir for some time now, and have the skills for a Nomad.The total cost for a Fenrir (skillbooks, ship + insurance) is around 1.3B, and you rarely need the full cargo capacity anyway. A freighter will be better for bulk transportation of minerals (and other commodities) as well as transporting unfitted ships in a manufacturing corp. But if you don't have several miners working for you or a production line churning out cruisers/battleships nonstop.. an Orca will be a better investment by a long shot.

  3. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but I use windows live writer to post to my two blogs. It is pretty widely regarded as one of the best blogging programs available. If you don't already have a host, look at godaddy, but look somewhere else, too. Godaddy makes the install easy, and the price is good, but if you want to do anything non-standard, they make it very hard!

  4. I am very excited about the Orca. While freighters can haul a lot (yeah, over a billion in ship and skills to buy) they cannot move rigged battlecruisers or battleships. The Orca, with its ship maintenance array, will nicely solve this logistical hurdle.And a high sec mining foreman ship? That's just a bonus.

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