Changes coming to this blog

Hey all been busting my but to get a different site up and running. It will run WP and what not but I have some questions I thought I would ask. I have tried for weeks to customize this page but sadly have been unable to get what I want.

1) Should I leave this blog up and running and redirect ppl to the new one? ( I am still tweaking the theme to be larger and have some eve picture’s in it ( and part of the header)

2) Should I just redirect ppl to the new site?

3) If you know WP and have a widget you think is awesome please let me know

4) Any think I should import this blog to the new one? or just forward it?

it will undergoing extensive redoing but the new site is if you have a comment or something cool I should add please let me know..share any templates you think are good ill be playing with many till I decide what is right….till then I will keep posting here.

(CK hey bro don’t change things just yet on the blogroll I have had about 15 hours of work so far setting up the servers /databases and whatnot and may have to experiment more)

~ by Manasiv5 on October 25, 2008.

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  1. Its all a matter of how much work you want.. I went through and transferred all my old blogger posts to wordpress, im happy i did it. But i took some time, and in some cases some tweaks.

  2. If I'm moving I usually just leave a post on the old blog about where to find the new one.

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