Questions answered & the Onyx is the death of us all

Good news:

OK So I , being a mule, have many questions ,little patience and a great deal of energy when it comes to finding out things that I want.  Over the weekend I found some incredibly useful info here:

It seems that wrangler has made it his mission to answer TONS of questions, some do get repetitive but many are very enlightening.  I shared this with some members of my Corporation last night.

Not so good news:

One of my prized Blackbirds met a very grizzly death last night.  I’ll try to paint the scene as best I can.

Chat coms lights up with a friend saying that he is headed our way and asking whether or not he should engage an interceptor.  My answer was no “your in a an Onyx” and he goes WAY too fast for your guns.He gets engaged ( somehow).

I set the Blackbird rolling along with a corpie named nemesis, we make our first jump. We rush to the rescue.

I post in chat we are inbound to you whats your location please, and then type “go to coms” (ventrillo for the unintiated) please…at which he types out the location.  Nemsis is not on coms either…he and I are 3 jumps out.  Again, I say get on coms….reply is nothing, 2 jumps away, and the intel chatter picks up 1 stiletto attacking the Onyx, ask the Onyx how you doing? his reply..nothing. 1 Jump away I realize we are going right into the “alley”  The alley is a single way through some parts of Stain, we had some intel and we looked ok behind us, but 0 intel of what is in front of us (is the dread building yet)  I type out again you doing…the reply..”I am ok right now.”  We jump in system and head to the gate where he is engaged.  Not knowing the situation I warp to 0 ( in hindsight a stupid move) I am by now grumpy on the voice coms..(those that could hear on vent but not involved)

Then we make contact.  I jump in and lock the stiletto down …want the Onyx to jump ( and him not being on coms) I tell him to “jump!”…instead he triggers the interdiction sphere…(higher level of dread creeps in)  Enemy Ishtar jumps in launches Hobo II’s at me.  Arazu jumps in, Drake jumps in.  One thought “this will not end well.”  Poof goes the BB and the Onyx is still there….( I am beside myself at this joint cussing into the mic screaming JUMP for gods sake) nothing.  Nemesis dies as well.  Onyx goes poof last.

After a few minutes the question…..”what is coms”?  FFS ( he must have forgotten but god it set me off)

  1. Moral of the story, always scout in 0.0 if there are WT’s in the area…check
  2. Always get on voice coms when available…check
  3. When calling for help to get out…don’t trigger the interdiction Sphere…check

That’s all for now 🙂

P.S. I got the pod out

~ by Manasiv5 on October 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Questions answered & the Onyx is the death of us all”

  1. Thanks your message has very much helped me:)

  2. Thanks your message has very much helped me:)

  3. heh heh, a good example of why voice comms is a 'must'. The amount of times I've been in a similar situation is quite high. You can never have enough scouts!

    Gratz on the pod getting out. CLones get damn expensive after a while, mine is 13m now :-

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