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This month’s topic comes to us from PsycheDiverPsychedriver’s Blog: Ambulation: What are your hopes for your avatar and new functionality of stations?

Here are my hopes::

  1. I want the ability to have an avatar that walk around and talks to people will allow people to socially interact a bit more.  Mining and chatting on the keyboard just sucks for those of us that do not type well.
  2. I’d like the ability to look outside the windows. Recognizing friends and enemies as they orbit or are getting ready to dock.
  3. I want to draw new people into this awesome game, and having a moving avatar will do the trick.  Many people may just want to “people watch”, this gives them that opportunity to do so.  All the while becoming more immersed into this incredible game.
  4. As in the short eve film “Clear Skies”, I think this will open up the ability to interact with agents…other players, and the most important one my corporation friends.  To gather in an office and talk about strategy before we actually do it, was the only thing I liked in other MMO’s.  I am planner as such I would hope this will come to life.
  5. I am tired of my Avatar, Manasi is 5 years old and frankly I’d like to redesign him.
  6. As for functionality of stations, watching cloning might be cool ( no mind is not in the gutter although if Mynxee were around it could be) (Mynxee‘s clone in a thong FTW *dont hate the game hate the player ;))

1st point for noting I do my best to live by my set of rules.  I am respectful of other players until given a reason not to be. If treated with respect respect will be returned.  If I am harassed, I end the harassment.  I avoid being crude to people I have just met and just try to be a good guy.

2nd point is I have a VERY long memory, and I never forget poeple causing other people grief.  Ever.

So my point of concern is this:

  1. Will ambulation allow those that just want to spam( those that spam are scum of the earth) or some other idiotic form of life (ISK sellers) easier access to try to disrupt my gaming enjoyment ( immersion) in the game…I sincerely hope not.

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I sincerely Hope that Mynxee’s post reads as well as it’s title. Mynxee has a PHENOMENAL POST (edit 12:46PM) (I admit I have a desire for the red headed mule loving types, that’s why my wife is a redhead and at last check still proclaims to love me)

~ by Manasiv5 on October 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ambulation”

  1. Manasi, you're just adorably amusing! *giggles*

    I have to admit, the consideration of how ISK farmers might take advantage of ambulation had not crossed my mind until you mentioned it. Huh. That gives rise to some interesting possibilities. And the other thought it brings to mind (which someone else may've mentioned already but my mind is mush from reading so many posts today) is whether there will be station-based missions of some type. Obviously not not PVE or PVP ones to start out, but perhaps new types of courier, admin, or data-gathering missions. Not that I'll ever do them, but would give purpose to movement within a station…and the presumed scale of station interiors would seem feasible for such activities.

  2. Great post! Looking out the windows sounds like a difficult thing to pull off, but movies like Clear Skies should be a lot easier to produce.

    I hope you enjoyed the topic!

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