my cost $12M Their Cost "priceless"

I’m minding my own business watching intel traffic when I see something good.  We got word of a “Panther” or Black Ops ship.  I had no clue what the Panther was ( aside from reading EvE Tribune Article about black ops ships, and some research do to the changes in Transports coming) So am rolling in my dual Sensor boosted rupture towards 1H4V.  She is fitted with 3 720MM a salvager, drone range mod, and one open hi slot. Mids are 2 SB II’s with scan res scripts and a 10 MN MWD.  She is armor tanked and is mounting two Gyrostab II’s.  6 Drones 3 X ECM 3 X Hobo II’s.

I join the fleet on the far side and wait for the order to jump.

Jumped in and fleet warped to “bait” at the station.

Beat the crap out of this $500M hull in less than 45 seconds ( not to mention the mods on her ) KM is here.  Not all that sturdy a vessel especially in the current config we found her in. 500M for the ship hull, that gonna bring some tears we hope ( did I mention that MASS as the Asshat award this month?)

Mission acomplished I’d say, oh and here is a thought:When losing the ship tell your corpmates to shut up when they complain that we have a bigger fleet. ( hence the Asshat award for the month)

Rolled back to my “home”system.

Got ready to log off when  word of a fleet coming our way.  Again, I undocked the rupture with a Stasis Web II in the mid replacing the Sensor Booster II.  Wait at the gate.  A scout comes in, and I get a little tangled up at the gate but we have word he is backed by 11 friends, we head to station.  Scout comes in sees our fleet and leaves.  1 Man in a  Blackbird mind you is left behind on the other side of the gate.

A Ceptacemia member sneaks in close and we spring this trap he points and 2X webs him from a “Buzzard”.

We jump in and not only pod the bastard but annihilate the who knows what they were thinking leaving the man behind on the other side of an 11 man fleet just 1 system over.

Cost to Amarda: Any respect we had for them.  Feeling after destroying almost 3/4 Billion dollars and kicking the MASS guys and the Armada guys in the nads?  “priceless”

~TC for now and Good Hunting

~ by Manasiv5 on October 30, 2008.

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  1. That Panther is evidence of someone rolling in a ship their skills can’t handle.

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