Gatecamping mechanics

I like gate camps.  Lots of people getting together to block access to a particular system whilst our guns destroy an enemy POS.  Maybe it is morbid, maybe not but I want someone to try to run the blockade.  This is never easy in the BEST of circumstances,much less when many people are present. So why do I want them to try?

  • I give respect when it is earned taking on and evading a gate camp is hard
  • I want combat…normal gate camping ( aside from the awesome pictures and camaraderie is boring

I linked to a dev post that answered many questions and the one about changes to sovereignty caught my eye as interesting.  Post is here

Anyways the nuts and bolts of what CCP is exploring is a change to Sov.  What change?  Well the one they are looking at is the alliances would capture system gates, constellation gates and region gates.  How would it work?  First you capture the system gates (say 10 ships need to orbit and activate a mod that changes the gates to your alliances control) once all system gates are captured THEN you would capture constellation gates ( again a certain number of ships needed , say 50 or so) once all constellation gates are captured THEN you would capture region gates ( a sizable fleet 200 or so would be needed)  once sov is established  the the Enemy starts at the same point but the alliance (that hold sov) gets notified that this is happening.

In my view this does several key things well:

  1. Breaks fleets into smaller more mobile units to actually achieve an objective
  2. Tells the alliance with sov that there is a fight at place x
  3. Forces combat in 0.0 rather than just roaming around and playing docking /un-docking games with station huggers

Beyond this the fleets(ships, pilots) all have a purpose.

What do you all think about this idea (decoupling sov from POS system)?  I’d be curious what some of the pirates or particularly other alliances think?

Here are some nice pics of the gate camp in Stain:

…I’m in a little crow underneath the Megathron Battleship.

~ by Manasiv5 on November 1, 2008.

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  1. well from what I could surmise some sort of module would be needed aimed at the gate and activated would be the guess. Otherwise I think it was pie in the sky thinking.

  2. One question I have if a corp captures a gate how does another corp ge to come along and recapture it. Im guessing that there will be some ablities to lock out people you dont want to use it.


  3. test post

  4. I think that is a great idea! It would help with the "primary and fire" techniques that are always used in firefights.
    One thing about the new site, no one really likes those Capcha things, just install the "Askmit" plugin and it will catch the SPAM!
    Talk to ya soon!

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