The last Dev blog put me over the edge …

When the hell is Ambulation coming?  All theses good dev blogs as of late, and not a damned one of them will say when it is due.  Is Quantum Rise the expansion going to include it? OR is it just being rolled out in pieces as was explained)

Ambulation…. for the love of god someone please tell me when this is coming, oh wait that’s right….NO ONE KNOWS.

Many people know I am impatient in the best of times.  As more and more info comes in and as I hear and add more information to my own data store ( a.k.a. my brain) I begin to form ideas and thoughts around when certain things happen.  You see the when is almost as important as the what..  Why is  that?  Well EvE is a game where everyone looks for ways to capitalize on a change r a fix or a new strategy before others do and use it to their advantage.  This does not bother me, but I try to in my position as “Naughty Monkey” (yes one of our Directors of our Corp made this my title) My self proclaimed job is to ferret out new information and pass this info on.  More times than not I get a “BULSH*T” on vent (or something to that extent)  which after several weeks comes to pass and I sometimes turn out to be right,the comments then become….”Sorry Manasi you were right” This is one of the reasons i read every dev blog, patch note, and other blogs that I can.

The one question I cannot find a damned answer to is when Ambulation will come.

Oh here is a link to the guide I wrote in august about how to connect to singularity (test server)

Here are some of the items I HAVE seen on the test server

  1. Speed changes ….( check) I saw that my stiletto reduced its speed from 6621 m/s to 4931 m/s.  Not sure if this is good /bad/ or what..but it is a change.
  • My thoughts on the speed changes are here
  1. UI changes…. with the countdown timer on some modules  (check) Saw that last night as well.
  2. Orca changes….I posted about the ORCA already as have many others My thoughts are here, there are some other thoughts as well:
  • Kename Fin’s thoughts are  here
  • Kirtith’s thoughts are here ]
  • Dee Carson’s are here.

Things I need to check on:

  1. Certifications….(forgot to look but will tonight and will update this then)
  2. Weapon linking…will also see this tonight (my interceptor only had one gun so I could not tell)

Why am I so impatient?  Good question…. and I will do my best to provide a succienct and concise answer.  Information is power.  IN  game as big as this one, with som many moving facets and pieces knowing info and sharing that info can allow you to avoid problems, change styles, or make use of new tactics before someone else can.

Let me know your thoughts and on any parts of the blog….

If there is something that doesn’t make sense, please let me know…I want this to be enjoyable to read as it is for me to write.

~ by Manasiv5 on November 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “The last Dev blog put me over the edge …”

  1. Can't wait for the news that Mr. Kinux will bring to us! Hopetue people that go will take a lot of pictures and videos.
    Anyways, the site is loading slower than some other sites. Probably due to the image size of the masthead. I can't check right now but just make sure it's less than a meg.
    Possibly be your host location or something.

  2. If you're this anxious, FanFest is going to make your head explode. Go pop some rats and chill 🙂

  3. I'm sure we'll get a better idea of when Ambulation is coming after the big reveal at Fanfest this month. 🙂

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