Getting your A$$ out of the Fire V2

For those that were unaware I posted  a well received guide to creating safe spots in EvE.  James Egan, over at Massively linked it when I wrote it and I thought I would re-post it and add some edits to it.

edit:Just wanted to thank and link to PJHarvey for reminding me about my Sept 8th Post…Thanks PJ

There are Five types I will try to walk you through making:

1. Gate Safe spots-

151KM+/- from gates N, S, E or W, I prefer N (up) & S(down) but use all the cardinal directions when needed.The range at which you can warp to a gate has changed recently to 150KM ( where I live in Stain)

  1. To create one of these warp to within 100KM of a gate,
  2. zoom out and head straight up or straight down…
  3. At 151KM Make sure the gate does not pop off your view…if so move towards it till you can see it again… set your Bookmark.

These are useful if you have a Cloaked Ship and need to watch people as they come and go or if they amass ships to surge through a system, or just want to check the gate to see if you can safely warp through

2. “Random” safe spots – to be effective you need to be at least 3-4 AU* away from any other point..

* Random safe spots are positions based on the galaxy you are in that place you between two random points
DO NOT think your random spots are “SAFE” with a probe ship I can now scan you down in 37 seconds and some even at 27 seconds. hit the Add BM button (in the places tab and create a spot

If your a visual person open your solar system map,

  1. From  the entry gate at  while warping to a Celestial Object,planet or sun works well create a Bookmark (call it spot 1)
  2. Locate a different celestial object you can,  ( do not go back to the gate as that is the same line(vector) you were just on. Warp to this object, at some point in the middle of your warp add another bookmark (call it spot 2)
  3. Warp to back spot 1
  4. Now warp to spot 2 (in the middle of this journey from spot 1 to spot 2 create your third bookmark.(spot 3) check to see if your far enough away

Start again with the next galaxy.
To imagine this, think of it this way:

Three lines generated from separate points and random presses of the add bookmark key

take a sphere and make a line through the middle of the sphere and set a point on it, now make another random line and make a point on it. Now connect these two points and set a 3rd point in between them. That is a Random Safe spot.

3. “Station” safe spots

  1. A station safe spot is something that puts you within a very close distance, or inside of the “docking ring” of a station, sometimes in 0.0 outposts have a 500m docking ring and getting in fast can pose challenges, other places have a 15-20KM docking ring, but being close to the edge of this ring is critical for docking at a station that is camped
  2. To create one un-dock from said station
  3. I head straight up, but pick your direction, once you clear the docking ring you will see the station distance start to count off in Meters, once you are 100M off the ring set your book mark

4. “under Fire safe spots” spots that allow you to instantly warp away from the station so you can assess the situation to determine if you can engage.

  1. un-dock from your station
  2. Do not go left right up or down keep in a straight line
  3. go 200KM from a station make a bookmark

I use a variation of this for scouting an enemy station (but I stay 2000M away) from the ring

Ok… now the use of these safes

5.  “Deep safe” Spots 15AU away from any celestial object can offer a measure of protection against all but the best scanners

  1. follow steps for the random spot above
  2. make sure you are 15AU away from any object look o your map
  3. This does not work for smaller solar systems (thanks letrange) less than 20 AU in size or so

1 If traveling through 0.0 or 0.0-0.4 (low sec) warp to your gate safe if you see any neutrals or enemies, if you have a slow aligning ship 151KM gives you enough room to maneuver back to your Deep Safe. If you are setup correctly, and no one is at the gate, you may be able to align to it and warp to 0, this gives you the ability to visually see any enemies before they pounce. (This depends on the grid sizes)

2. Traveling through, you used your gate safe, and they saw you and are coming after you, warp to your random safe check your scanner before you warp for a covert ops ships, as this will help you determine if you need to move around a lot or wait it out.~ useful when gates and stations are camped

3. Traveling into a system you see a camp at the gate, they have buzzard or another covert ops and are scanning you down remember your 27 second’s you have to get safe, head to your deep safe spot 15AU from any object, then align to the station, warp to the station safe spot determine fi it is safe to dock.

4. Station under attack, system occupied, if you must,  undock and warp to the “under fire safe spot” determine if it safe to engage~ used for undocking and instant warping

Terms used:

Docking RIng ~ depending on station a ring around the station the says your 0 away from it but in reality can be as large as 50KM…be careful not to get pushed outside the ring as you will ahve to move within it to dock.

Cynoing ~ Launching a cynosural field to jump in a Capital. (carrier, dreadnought, marauder I think)

Grid~ Size of the viewable area and size of a Doomsday destruction area both take place on a random size depending on the number of people in a given system.

Abbreviations I use when making BM;

RS = Random Safe spot  if I need a bailout point

GS =Gate safe to check gates

UFS =Under fire Safe – this is the outbound safe to make sure you dont get blown away undocking

StS =Station Safe spot ( this is the inbound check to see if you can dock

DS = Deep Safe

~ by Manasiv5 on November 4, 2008.

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  2. @mynxee I will redo that graphic hopefully with a better one 🙂

  3. Extremely well-done! I'm new to safe spots and this helps a lot.

    BTW, I'd really appreciate it if you became one of my blog's followers.

  4. Good update. You might consider adding labels to the graphic to correspond to your written explanation, for easier comprehension. Not to diminish the dangers of low sec (especially for the unwary), but I used to be a lot more paranoid and careful in moving between systems…scouting the gates first, and so forth. That got tiresome quick (I'm extremely impatient). Now, as bubbles are not an issue in low sec, I just warp to gates at 0 most of the time–and always when I'm in a shuttle or nanoed ship that is cruiser-sized or smaller. It is almost impossible for a gate camp on the near side to catch you because you can jump as soon as you're out of warp. The chances of getting caught by a camp on the other side when you are flying a fast aligning/warping ship are very low as well unless the camp is sensor-boosting someone to give them god-like scan res with near insta-lock capabilities. In hundreds and hundreds of low sec kamikaze gate jumps, that's happened to me once. Those odds work for me 🙂

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  6. Very helpful post for a newb like me. Thanks, Manasi!

  7. Solar systems, not galaxies.

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