Success! Decloaking with a ceptor

First time in a long time I was able to do a very difficult thing that being de-cloaking a ship with another ship… we were looking at trying to kill some Armamda guys (some of their fits are idiotic BTW)  and we found some guys and eliminated them with extreme prejudice. Kills are here here here and here.  If I were a new pilot I’d make a list of corps not to join with them at the top. Kudos to our FC and to Nothing Inc, Litheye for single handed tackling a maelstrom, wolf, and keeping em busy while we tried to add to the night.

So I was zero on the gate, and the Paladin jumped in and cloaked.  I approached at full speed and de-cloaked the sneaky bastard. Poof he died..cussing me all the way 🙂

We then pounced on 4 different nuetral ratters…no kills ( damned hard to even find em they cloak and run)

All in all a great night.  Earned almost 45M in ratting alone ( not to mention the Salvage I made on the wrecks)

That’s all for now It is late.  TC and keep your head down if your not blue…we atre coming for you.

~ by Manasiv5 on November 8, 2008.

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  1. @Ombey What you do is correct, but right after you do that, spam the max speed triangle on the HUD.

  2. Nice one, I've never managed to do this. I dbl click them with MWD on, and soon as they cloak, my speed dies to zero. Annoying! Clicking in space never seems to get them

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