"De-cloaking walkthrough" & "Minuteman style"

Tip Number 1 “De-cloaking a ship

So after Ombey responded to my post Saturday I thought it wise to share with you all how to de-cloak a ship that is near a gate (say inside a interdiction sphere, a Warp interdiction bubble, or a mobile Warp disruptor bubble)

  1. Turn on the MWD as soon as the enemy appears in local, or better as he is jumping in as told to you from your “eyes” on the other side. ( you do have “eyes” there don’t you?)
  2. Once they become visible click on them in the overview ( NOT the screen) ( Your overview should be setup to ONLY view enemies I hope, you you’ve got to click fast I admit)
  3. Hit the approach button.
  4. (CRITICAL step) click the maximum speed arrow on the HUD ( heads up display) to set velocity to maximum speed.
  5. You have about 3/4 of a second to do steps 2,3, and 4. ( which is why it is VERY difficult to do)

Burn towards them As fast as possible you must get within approx 2500 M to de-cloak em..

Interceptors work best in this role and are well suited to it, even though I have done this for several weeks now I only caught my first one the other day (See my post here)

Tip Number 2 ” always be ready” like the minutemen ( kept the gun ready, a small satchel of food & ammo, and a fresh horse ready to ride)

More of a general thing… but always be ready, here is an example: I fly ECM  ship as well as interceptors and Minmatar HIC \ HAC pilot.  Here is what I do to always have these ships ready for battle:


  1. For the ECM ships roll with 1 each racial ECM module and if you can fit it 1 Multi Spec ECM(cover your bases)
  2. Load a Sensor Booster II or whatever you can fit and have two scripts in your cargo Sensor resolution and Sensor range( if you can lock it you can’t jam it)
  3. Load a ECCM module if you know your going against jammers ( nothing worse than getting jammed when that’s your job)


  1. For the HIC I have a massive shield buffer 4 LSE II’s and two Hardeners (invulnerability II and EM ATM)
  2. For guns I opt for the 220 Vulcan’s (but bring diff types of ammo I use EM against target vulnerable to it, and Barrage for Explosive, and Hail ammo as well)


  1. For my ceptors I add web and a point & 1MN MWD T2 ( I also mount a salvager)
  2. I load EM, thermal, explosive& kinetic light missiles

The key is damage types and a few scripts, not everyone flies Gallente, or Amarr or whatever load the ammo that is good against certain ships and make sure you have enough of it.

The “ready to roll” point is have the ships ready to go, with as much  versatility as can be allowed.  Admittedly this has not always happened to me in the past, and running around like chicken with my head cut off saying ” where is the BZ-5 ECM mod anyone have one” doesn’t fill those I fly with on said day with all that much confidence.  Oh, I also fully repair my ships armor/hull damage always…..

So to combat the above tendencies that happens to everyone now and then, I leave my ships setup as above and can roll usually within 30 seconds of the destination being given.

TC ~ and remember those who cloak you better be fast…

~ by Manasiv5 on November 10, 2008.

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  1. Oh, sorry, I got at the other page where I left the comment as that's where Capsuleer took me. Didn't realize the question was already answered …

  2. also, double-clicking on the ship in the overview saves you a click on the approach button

  3. Aha! Hitting approach then set maximum speed was what I was missing… nice one, thanks!

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