QR is live

So, last night to my surprise QR went live early (then had to restart the DB ) I had some time to talk to my corporation, and let them know what I had learned.  There was some rather somber checks…  one guy in our corp that used to be able to hit 20 KM/s admitted that things indeed had changed, although he told me his $500M cruiser would still go 5K ( roughly).  We talked about implants and where they had been sent. (he had full snakes prior)

Lots of discussion about certificates…

/small rant

What I would like Certifications to be used for, is to evaluate new recruits into the corp.  Determining that they have an armor cert at improved, knowing they only fly Caladri should make people think twice about the prospective pilot. (armor skills on a Caladri ship make little sense)

I want to use it as a starting point to evaluate a character, rather than an ending point.  What do I mean?  Well imagine corp “X” saying all pilots ( regardless of what they fly ) must have armor cert at improved.  That is idiotic and ludicrous at best.  Granted that is a crude comparison.  As in the RL world;one cannot, nor should you be judged solely on what certs or degrees or pieces of paper that say  you can do

Someone saying I have an “I am a MCSE” and they cannot navigate without a mouse, illustrates the point perfectly.  Just because someone says they have a cert does not mean they can fly.

/end rant

The weapon linking worked very well, as did the timers till the next activation.

No longer being an industry guy I dont’t know about the industry changes.

Tactically, I would like the ORCA.  The ability to prestage some ships, load all my gear into one ship would be awesome.  Time will see if I get one of these.

Overall, I am glad that QR came out.  I wish it was a little heavier in terms of new ships but Tech 3 being on the next horizon will be awesome.


~ by Manasiv5 on November 12, 2008.

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  1. I think Certificates are neat but not sure how much I personally will use them going forward. I require new members to provide their API key so I can look at their skills in EVEMon. For newer players, this allows me to form a sense of what role they can fill the soonest so they can have fun and be useful in roaming gangs which we are so fond of forming. Not sure Certificates can put that fine a point on it.

  2. @Psyche Ceptacemia does not have nor have they ever had any minimum SP level we work with everyone, the common theme is you have to be dedicated to improving…that is it.

  3. Certs really do have a lot of applications. I think it would be fair for a corp to expect you having certain certs. Certain corps already expect you to have a minimum XP.

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