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So it looks like things might be gearing up again to fight some people down somewheres in Esoteria ( Op sec remember guys?)  Needless to say I have had a run of good luck with the Heavy Interdictor scoring 4 kills, the trusty lil interceptor also getting a kill or two, and even my lil rupture getting on the boards as of late.  Tons of changes relating to who is blue/ who isn’t blue..blues that were blue 2 days ago are now neutrals, people bailing from corps to try to harass those that live there..normal crap… just a higher pace of activity…all bodes well for action.

On other news the mule has had a birthday yes indeed, he visited his twin brother mule and much fun was had by all.  Scorpio’s rule… BTW so if you know a Scorpio give em a big hug and a kiss but be prepared for intensity…hold onto your hats guys, and well ladies, you have been warned about em.


Station campers is a a breed of well..players that I loathe.  Hugging the station: jumping into a station when anyone appears and stay AFK in said station till they think they can venture outside only to play undocking games.  I hate station hugging ( granted there are some times where you have to do this)

my definition of station hugging:

Sitting at a station with no thought of ever leaving the undocking ring just to talk crap in local when you have greater numbers in local that we do….I mean come on…yes there is an element of risk, but when you have eyes on the outer systems gate, and at the entrance to your system’s gate.  You still wont come out and fight, one word for these types: Worthless

Tactically you do not want to undock into a greater force. I understand if we outnumbered them..we didn’t

Tactically when they are all in Cruisers, HAC’s and Bc or BS and you have interceptors you also do not want to undock..we were relatively evenly matched

Let me showcase one of their problem pilots…

CB a sensor dampening falcon…that’s right..falcon…with sensor damps  HERE ~ reeks of extra fail-sauce

If your going to shield tank a drake put some T2 large’s on it and for gods sake  I understand the desire to be a totally passive setup..I flew a drake for Many months..but your gonna drop a CCC rig on it but not T2 shield gear?  Seems silly to me HERE and 29K damage before folding like a tin can? HERE

I know that it is not kind to make fun of the “slow” pilots within the community, but as when a pirate rids us of complete idiotic setups it is a service to the community as a whole, this is my response to my pirate brethren in ridding the galaxy of these types.

To be fair we have also lost ships to them so they are not newbs and they do have some pilots with skill I just loathe their hugging tactics.


To all of you who are NOT armada..good hunting.

To the Armada Guys: Lay off the fail sauce

~ by Manasiv5 on November 17, 2008.

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  1. Okay, I'm late with the birthday wishes, but just know I'm sending you virtual birthday spankings and best wishes for a great year!!

  2. @CK it was NOT a slip up nor a technical error, you were keeping me on my toes!
    @ Tony TY mate

  3. You now show-up again in the Blog Pack Google Reader feed. My bad mate. đŸ˜¦

    Sorry for the slip and thanks for bringing it up.


  4. Hey happy birthday!

    That Falcon gave me lols.

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