Fleet comings and goings

SO normally those that read this blog just get to see a few fleet pics and whatnot.  Normally we go in bash a POS and leave after it is in reinforced mode( for those unawares player owned station go into reinforced when their shield hit 25%) after which they enter a reinforced mode  for a period of time depending on the strontium reserves.

So I jumped into the fray Friday night and we actually got to fight the Goons.

We were taking down POS’s ( 1st phase) when a large 200 man goon fleet hopped in and engaged.  Guess what I didn’t die…holy crap what a miracle!  I was jammed a bit by another Scorpion but that was expected.

Some pics of the “strike package” for our fleet, for those not awar a strike package is a collect on ships that do a specific mission.  We had several “packages” on the “field” as it were.

Anyways here are pictures of the strike package

Successful op to say the least most of the tower were down ( reinforced) we rolled back to the satgeing area content that a job had been successful!

OH and my second ENN story has been posted! CHECK IT OUT


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~ by Manasiv5 on November 23, 2008.

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