Mule Psychology : EvE Style

What drew us into EVE, what keeps us playing the game and what brought us back if we’ve ever left?

When I first started this game it was the fact that this was a Sci-Fi game, I love the film genre and I grew up watching Capt. Kirk and Spock and Bones travel the galaxies, thanks to Gene Roddenberry.  So, as a general rule this was what originally appealed to me. Oh, I am strictly a PC game guy, all others need not apply 🙂

When I cam back to EvE in October of Last year, it was with a little dread, and some curiosity… as the first Corp I belonged to fell into disaster of sorts with RL auto accidents hitting four members, taking them out of the game.  I try to detail these feelings in my first Fiction article ever for ENN “Waking up after a loss”.  I still loved Sci-Fi. To be brutally honest, I had leveled a Paladin on the WoW server and once I maxed out the level cap, there wasn’t shit to do.  As a rule I do NOT grind, so once grinding is started, I abandoned the game (I’ve never gone back and probably will never go back).

Why do I continue?  Simple answer: Depth.  Longer answer: I get to experience new things every day.  New ships, new enemies, new everything.  The game continues to grow as my knowledge of the game grows.  When I think I have Mastered anything ( which I haven’t) new twists and changes are introduced.  I HATE things that do not change, grow , or expand.  I want to broaden my knowledge and the thirst for that info drives me to talk to people I woudl not know, may never meet and yet “hang out ” with probably 5 days a week.  Many people say that people hate change….maybe.

This mule however says “Bullshit” to that notion, and hits it head on with all the determination I can bring to bear, obstacles are to overcome, problems are to be defeated, change is to be embraced like a handle on a tool.  Adapt, survive, overcome…succeed.

Participants this month:

~ by Manasiv5 on November 26, 2008.

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  1. I would have to agree with the comments so far. I think the depths of the game certainly appeal to many of us. I think there is also one more thing:

    The fact that even if I do happen to be away from the game [/shudder] for an extended period of time [/cringe /shudder /shudder] I won't be left behind, out of touch, riding the short bus, sucking exhaust, licking my wounds and all around unable to play competitively [I'm a very competitive miner/carebear] just because I wasn't online regularly [that's even hard to type, let alone contemplate]. Now all of those things may happen [honestly they regularly happen], but not because I'm not playing. People can be competitive and IN THE THICK of it from literally the first day. Try that on other MMO's and you'll not only likely die horribly, but often to the ridiculing laughter of people who have played forever [six months].

  2. @Ombey that skill fried is a true gift ..hats off to you.. @roc Yes you and I are in agreement
    @CK yes sometimes the mule gets mushy but not about this 🙂
    @Mynxee the 2nd best redhead I know (granted the first is spot one but hey…) My guess is you'd prolly squeeze the life outta HIM 🙂

  3. Got to love this mule, he speaks the truth. Longeared logic is the purest kind.

    *ponders whether her bones could withstand the assault of a group hug that initiated by Roc*

  4. Manasi, bro, I just love your brutal honesty. Cut the crap, leave the sugar coating on the side. You want the truth, da Mule's gonna hit you with it and hit you HARD!!

    Great essay mate!!

  5. What more could I add? Seems most of us agree on the same basic tenets of appeal. I feel a warm, fuzzy group hug coming on … where's those Hellcats?

  6. The sheer open-ness of the game is what keeps me going. Also, I love blogging about what I get up to, and the fact it keeps my creativeness satsified.

    I also like the fact I can spot openings in markets, and make money out of them- it's a means to an end, as it funds my PvP habit 🙂

  7. The depth is what drew me to EVE. I am in the early stages where I am somewhat limited by the lack of skills, but the world of New Eden continues to bring me back. I like the fact that I can move into any other pursuit in the game with the simple investment of time and a few skill books!

  8. well said both @Leumas & @Placebo any others thoughts people?

  9. I love how open the game is. There is no set storyline, no specific path to the endgame content. I get bored easily. To use WoW as an example, I leveled a character in about every class to 30-40, but never further. In EVE, I can switch emphasis in my training and try new things without rolling a new toon. Mining, industry, playing the market, exploration, anything I want to do, I can. There is so much to learn and so much to explore. No wonder people have been playing this game for years.

  10. I couldn't agree with you more about the ever growing depth of EvE Online. I had everything in WoW figured out within a few months, and I mean everything. I had leveled a mage to 70, PvP'd as every class at 70 (friend's accounts), explored every zone, ran every instance, raid, and maintained a 2000+ arena team. I had all the max gear with all the best enchants. The depth wasn't growing exponentially with my knowledge, and that was a problem. I like how EvE evolves and more layers of depth are added with each free expansion.

    Also, I love the pew pew >=P

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