Thanksgiving and a Fubar'd Op

Hey all haven’t been on much hanging with my Wife’s family and such enjoying the Thanksgiving/Christmas Spirit some.  I learned a valuable lesson.  With no outside communication channels, do not log-off in enemy space .  Seems an easy lesson…but here is what went down.  Logged in briefly Wednesday AM.  Followed the Alliance fleet to a system. Was then told ” log off and come back, Thursday just after DT.”  I said it is Thanksgiving in the US and that I would not be on till Friday.  The reply..logoff anyway”  ( as an aside.. I have but one account in this alliance and my alt is is no alliance at all } as a matter of fact I do not publish my alt as I have not need, the alt is for Amarr/Gallente ships to fly at a later point. SO I log off, and come back friday night and lose not only the ship but also the pod.  FFS.  How was I supposed to know when to come back?  NO one on vent, no one on when i just did a quick check mail…and logged off before I ended the warp

So after I was told to logoff I realized how will I know when I can log on? Damed good question

Thanksgiving comes and many of our US brethren are with their families, and not on vent.

I refuse to give my phone number to  be told “log in at XX time” this is a game after all.

As a result of all this I WILL NOT participate in log off games again.  It is less than worthwhile and stops me from playing at all, and while I am willing to go some further the alliance causes I will not go THAT far.  Hopefully someone will be spared a little loss and others may think twice about this tactic.

I hope that the Holiday (if you are US) and the weekend was good to you ( the good readers of this blog) and that you have a good one.

Till next time.


~ by Manasiv5 on November 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “Thanksgiving and a Fubar'd Op”

  1. @Tony well I was warping to a safe spot, they had probers and whatnot so I was leaving the system, sadly they had a gate camp setup 3 jumps out ( which I almost evaded ) but meh crap happens.

    @Mynxee while I appreciate the offer my 5.00 security status took me months and I like price shopping ( which i occasionally do in empire space) that way I could still get all my stuff, and oh ya, my corp sells me my fully fitted Scorp for 65M…so I get to fly that ship without much cost…I just get grumpy when I lose it.

  2. Yeah, life in 0.0. Soooo fun. Come be a pirate, Mule.

  3. Ya that certainly sucks big time! Did you have a safe though?

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