POS operations & complex reactions

SO last night I logged in and our single industry guy ( he only does industry some of the time, was asking for help.  SO as a good mule should I offered up any help I could and learned quite a bit in the duration.  We ahve 7 POS’s and I did not even know where all of the m actually were ( the industry POS’s are still defended but not as heavily defended as our Main fighting POS…  plus we have NPC stations as well.  SO anyways I following our industry guy around and I learn how to manage the POS manufactuering.

Keep in mind I have put up POS guns, undocked and moved towers, moved stuff aroua nd  POS but I never had an opportunity, or even a need to step into the manufacturing of T1 and T2 reactions.

Dear god it is complex.

It is not just the shuffle of moving crap around it is moving the right crap into the right area at the right time.


POS 1: Empty silo 1 take contents of silo 1 to silo 2 and silo 3 (to take contents you put offline then put back online ( takes about 3 mins per)). As i was just helping I only had my frigate and had to take a small amount put in my cargo and jettison then drag all but 100 units to the cargo container….Open Silo 4 and move contents to 2nd POS and do something similar… the sizes of the materials differ but are around 15-20K m3. Take materials from POS 7 and split it between POS 3 and POS 5. So the silos are either emptied or filled.  Now move material that you want to sell back to our NPC station

/end example

The same kind of material at silos empty’s and fills at the same rate …but different materials do not…you need a damned spreadsheet just to help you remeber what to do, and oh ya if you forget to online one lil silo your are hopelessly screwed up.  If a silo fills up or empty’s bad stuff happens ( I am told)and times get delayed etc. etc.

Now repeat this 6 times…dear GOD I have NO clue how someone is supposed to keep track of all this…and this is just the manufacturing side.  We make 3 T1 reactions and 2 T2 reactions and make items from those reactions( I think)_…which is lucrative but god what a pain. After just 2 hours of helping I said to myself “no way in god green earth would I ever subject myself to the punishment of running such an operation.”

I don’t mind helping ( good mules are stubborn but agreeable) and don’t bite ( for the most part)

Now our POS also require fuel to run.  Which require differing amounts of differing items that are required to be jumped .

When I lived in Vale of the Silent we had 18 POS’s that we ran in a similar type of setup, sadly our POS operator got burned out but not after making 4 Billion a month for 3 months or so..lucrative but damned if you have any time to spend it.

SO much appreciation I hand out to POS operators, complicated but boring and difficult to manage without a good sized hauler..oh yea…did I mention roles?  ( our POS operator was using an account that didn’t have any roels so that why I was helping) 1 guy manages our operation and now I have much more respect for what he does.

~ by Manasiv5 on December 4, 2008.

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  1. Good work! Thank you very much!
    I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my site?
    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Regards, Timur Alhimenkov

  2. @Mule
    Haha I concur then.

  3. Thanks for the insight. As a newb, I have been intrigued by the industrial possibilities in EVE, but that sounds very challenging to maintain! 4 Billion a month would be pretty cool, though!

  4. @Mynxee yea I feel your pain with fueling
    @Tony 1 POS no problem, more than and moon mining and fueling..hell I'd better be well paid as that is a JOB.

  5. Haha that sounds terrible!

    My POS will be up and running soon, please don't make me not want to do it 😉

  6. My industry alt finds keeping 1 large POS in high sec fueled to be a PITA, lol. Lot easier now, though, since a member has started AFK ice mining and donates much of his haul to the corp. EIGHTEEN POS's? That's really playing the spreadsheet game. Yuk!!!

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