Status and Killbaord help…

Hey all been spending time with my family, as such not been playing all that much.  Things have been rolling along though, not sure about ENN’s future and as such I might be moving fictions articles here instead.  I did hop on and log for some skills changes this week.  No PvP kills 😦  Perhaps before I head off for the vacation in late Dec. ) I might get in on an op or two.

One of the biggest issues is that I lost a 0.0 clone which makes getting to my gear tough as I do not wish to risk my 1 remaining clone, granted not much risk with cloning stations in Stain but it is a PITA.  Having gear 25 jumps apart from where I “live” makes getting there sometimes a very tough experience.

I read about the QR 1.0.3 changes sounds like they have figured out what the heck is going wrong with the client and made some UI changes so I hope that is all worked out. Getting podded in Feythanbolis  ( because I could not load the grid in time sucked ass) still grates on my nerves, and as I said then  I will no longer do the log off BS, that they asked us to do.

I would also like to request some help.

I installed a Killboard, but I cannot seem to figure out how to get it to work right.  DB was installed, an EVE DEV kb was also installed, but I do not want the info to be about my Corporation, rather i want the info to be about what I have done. A personal killbaord rather than a Corp/Alliance KB.

No, e-peen envy, hasn’t gripped me, but  it is how I remember events. With my  ewar PvP skills getting better, I’d like to know how to better tactically fit ships…SO anyone who knows something about killboards and how to set them up to pull just my kills/loss from various boards PLEASE LET ME KNOW…

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~ by Manasiv5 on December 8, 2008.

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  1. Haha fair enough.

  2. Okay, I'll keep checking back here for some updates if you manage to figure out how to install it smoothly 😉

  3. @Tony I'll try that and see how he did it. I set mine up and got it working but to say there is documentation about this, is a farce, it was trial and error all the way. I saw a sync to corp boards and alliance option but no single option of how to do this.

  4. Hey help me too!

    Best be is to ask Ombry, he knows this shit. I would also love to know how to do this!

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