The Mule on Vacation

Hey folks when you read this this mule will be on vacation with Mrs. mule ( don’t tell her that’s her pet name… ha ha…small joke there.

1st off thanks to whomever started the tagging.  VERY cool idea and I thanks everyone for the nice comments n such.

While on Vacation to the wonderful Santa Rosa, CA area, I won’t have much Internet access, unless things have changed at the Hospital ( I’m visiting  a very sick step dad) None the less I have about 15 hours of pod casts and 4 books and will cogitate a bit on EvE I am sure.

This mule was not made with much patience so send some good patience vibes my way any help is appreciated.

CK_ never fear the next version of blog banter is ready to roll.

I was going to go through a list of people I wish a merry Christmas to, but ran out of room. I really hope if you get any time off, you can spend it with those you love.  If you don’t have someone that falls into the above category(love) I encourage you to find said person, they exist trust me they do! If no Love categories exist friends are extremely important as well and I hope time spent with them is happy.

To all the PvP’ers remember as we have learned from some of our pirate friends, those who fit/ fly/ through their own ineptitude deserve to have said ship “removed with extreme prejudice”…good hunting remember once all the ID10T’s are removed we all have more fun.

To the “Care Bears” Watch your backs, never mine AFK, and when you get bit, bite back it makes em think twice..oh and keep on making stuff and I’ll keep buying it!

To all the dedicated “Mission runners” Keep grinding that faction eh?  I hate grinds and realized they are unnecessary once you hit 0.0 good luck none the less

To all the Developers of EvE…keep on working guys your doing well ( minus the hiccups) and things keep getting better continual process improvement really is hard but you excel at it.

To the New players ..A.K.A. “newbs” “noobs” etc…educate yourself, fly the danged training missions and realize this is a minefield your “playing” in and is not for the “faint of heart” or the person that wants a “simple” game.  It is for someone that grows bored of the same old stuff, and longs for something that is infinitely complex, and can never be mastered…Welcome Aboard!

Merry Christmas to the Members of Systematic-Chaos, Ceptacemia, and any other reader I may have forgotten

~ by Manasiv5 on December 19, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Mule on Vacation”

  1. Happy Holidays mate!! Have fun with Mrs Mule. If I recall, the first tag came from Richard Slater who first tagged me. The rest, as they say, is history!

  2. Have a safe trip. *patience vibes being sent* Remember, patience is NOT a virtue, its a necessity.

  3. Happy Holidays, Mule! Maybe you should use the G-n-R song as a a mantra for your trip!

  4. Merry christmas to the both of you and much patience and good health to you and the stepdad­

  5. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

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