The reawakening

This month’s EVE Blog Banter idea comes to us by Roc Wieler of Roc’s Ramblings. Roc’s asks us to “write a story about a fellow EVE Blogger, or an EVE player whom has inspired you or affected you in some tangible way. After your story, describe why you chose them, and any Holiday wish you have specifically for them“.

Inspiration it is then, here is the story:

Manasi sat in his broadsword contemplating the last year.  The Vale of the Silent, Tribute regions, YXIB, remembering how much he sweat when he first jumped into M-OOEb, avoiding the pirates in low sec, and running up the pipe.  Jumping out the other end at E-O, and swinging around the circuit.  He tuned into 3 guys chatting about comings and goings in EvE.  One, a hard war veteran, one a new guy to EvE, and one a Care bear (manasi hated the moniker to be sure) but hell even the guy(CK) called himself that.  Manasi noted the name of the show ‘The Drone bay’, and scoured the Intel channels about the hosts.

Interrupted in his thoughts he paused the recording to listen to the FC, “bubble up” command was given and Manasi activated the interdiction sphere, is coalesced into being as if from nothing..all the emitters were humming along the ship would be cap stable at 77%., with an 20KM range.  The  Vulcan Auto cannon II’s were spinning awaiting the target to lock, drones were prepped for launch.  Board was green, shields were almost at max.’Lets rock’ though Manasi.

I launched the drone bay recording and listened again to Crovan as he was discussing intercepting tactics with his Taranis.  Manasi noted the tactics for evaluation later.

“check check” said coms “incoming to you Manasi”, intoned Phin.

“rgr, we are lit” Manasi knew to move towards the target once he uncloaked.  O nice, “contact” he intoned “RNI uncloaking trying to run for the moon.” Locking the ship, the vulcan’s began their barrage, Manasi mixed in two ECM Medium drones and Launched 3 Hobgoblins and to 2 EC-Vespas to the target. The Vulcan’s chewed away through the RNI’s shield tank, perhaps the jamming drones were working as no incoming fire hit him.

“point” said the ceptor pilot.They had jumped in and joined the fray.

2 Apoc’s showed up, 1 Geddon, and some fast attack ships and tore the RNI apart, then the pod, and it was done.  NBSI can sometimes be a hard mistress. ..Setting course for home he picked up on The Drone Bay were he had left off, wondering what words of wisdom these guys could share, on the way back home.

The commentary:

In September of 2007 I started using i-tunes on my work system and through a good co-worker found pod casts.  Pod casts about The Dog whisperer, PC security, anti-malware authors, cool tools…..At which point I also found a huge amount of blogs :Microsoft blogs, and sunbelt system blog, and various other blogs.

As shown in the fiction I have been writing for ENN I came back to the game in Oct 2007, thinking I would restart my mining Career, this was not to be.

In late February I found the Drone Bay podcast Number 1, I joined them on GAX online and started to try to interact with them.  LOL,  I say try as I sent e-mails and what not but sadly, they weren’t witty enough, or the guys ran out of time, meh such is life.  So I listened on in anonymity.    As I listened to them recall accounts of what was happening in New Eden it immersed me deeper into the game.  I really enjoyed being able to express my opinions (and  as stubborn as I am sometimes, good ideas, provided with examples does get me trying new things) and these guys are what started me on blogging.

I’ve never met Crovan, Alsedrech, or even Crazykinux, they inspired me to write none the less.  Crovan I have actually spoken to in game once  (IIRC  Mynxee was there, so I think I was the afterthought [who can blame him]) Alsedrech I have never spoken to at all, I just listen (happily at that)  About CK, what can I say, he gave me a chance, by inviting me to the blogpack.  He emails occasionally, in return, I pester the shit out of him with questions till he relents and answers me ๐Ÿ™‚   He is special guy ( no I do not mean little yellow bus special[thats USA humor if you dont get it thats ok]) anyone that can put up with my incessant “reminders” is a patient person ๐Ÿ™‚  I’d like to meet him, but I honestly think I have a picture about as clear as it can get, and maybe meeting him would break the vision.  So, yes I’ve a ton of respect for my candainan ‘brother from another mother’…all hail the Master and Commander.

For CK I hope he continues to be able to blog and write about EvE.

For Croven I hope he gets to spin his guns up and lay waste to some nasties ( as long as it isn’t me)

For Alsedrech, I wish a big dog, seem slike a nice guy that needs a dog, or a girlsfriend, so either a dof or a girl..maybe both but then he wouldn’t play EvE much would he? (LOL just teasing ya)

Merry Christmas to all!

~ by Manasiv5 on December 21, 2008.

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  1. Nice read =)

  2. Thanks for putting in a good word for me mate! And let it be known that you pester like a true Master! It's down to an Art form for ya!
    Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet one day, maybe at a Fanfest, who knows!

  3. Hehe, funny ๐Ÿ˜€

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