Some changes in thoughts

Longtime readers of this blog will recognize that I have changed some stances on certain player types.  I thought some might appreciate the old vs the new views on things, as well as some standard thoughts (near the end)


Old View: Pirates are scum of the ‘earf.

New View:  Pirates are no longer scum of the ‘earf, they are maybe just a little bit scummy, but they have heart, sometimes…proof from VB sarge of the Bastards, and note the comments of Mynxee of the hellcats there too.( god love her, but I wish my wife would wear whats offered in their store under ‘intimate apparel’…wait what am I saying if she did I’d not play NEAR as much !  ha ha)

Care Bears

Old View:  Carebears are soft squishy fellas who just do some stuff.

New View:  Carebears fall into many categories, those of CrazyKinux‘s type are a very good breed, as are the industrialists who builds my ships.  There are also the types that the Bastards and every other pirate corp in existence looks too kill  see the link above about Sarge Blowing the shit out of people jumping in and out of that system.


Old view: They build stuff.

New View: Oh dear god, they build stuff, lets give these guys a hand shall we without them we would not have but ibis’s to fly.


Old View: Big groups of people who fight.

New View: A huge driving force that affects every area of the game ( whether it be T2 building, exploits, huge battles, titans ) There is almost nothing that the alliances do not impact..minerals market, ship market, module market, industrial market.

Faction Warfare

Old View is the same as the New View: It is a great stepping stone to getting people to PvP and work together in groups.

** EDITED  Dear god how could I forget the damn Macro Miners


Old view Hated Scum that mine via Macros.

New view: Absolute the worst scum there is ..Thanks to Gribble the Munchkin for reminding me of that

** edit added


The following player types are to ridiculed ad nauseum:

Those that set out to make everyone else life in EvE a horrific experience…the karma train cometh…you have been warned.

Those that self-destruct so that people do not get the kill –yes Edmud (VAAB and company) I am thinking of you. ( he self destructed his Thanatos yesterday so that our alliance mates would not get the kill)

Those that grief new players– if you hunt a new player ( not just a  new account but a new player), you deserve to be hunted to the ends of EvE.

Those that cheat — I mean use game mechanics that have a bug or an error to gain significant advantage over others..kill em all…let CCP sort em out.

I owe most of the ideas of these changes to the Players and Corps I have met inside EvE, in addition to the Great blogging community.

TC.. safe jumping and good hunting.

~ by Manasiv5 on January 5, 2009.

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  1. Great summary of play styles. I am finding myself going through the same opinion changes as I learn more about the game and community. Reading these blogs certainly helps to get in to the minds of different players and playstyles.

  2. If there is one constant in New Eden, it's entropy. The longer you play, the more the darkness pulls you a bit closer to it as you shed one fluffy sentiment after the next. Well, maybe that's just me. But in my first weeks of EVE, I had some amount of disdain for piracy, but I think I just didn't have an open mind and wasn't grasping the potential to play the game as you choose. Now… I have nothing but respect for the real pirates out there — not the griefers, mind you, but the pilots who take it seriously. It's probably the most 'balls out' (unless you're a Hellcat… see what I did there?) way to play EVE. I've felt this way for a while now, but when I did an interview with Verone a few months ago, that pretty much solidified my views. I still haven't tried my hand at piracy, but I know it's only a matter of time now… the dark side of this game is so damned interesting. The booster trade has caught my attention as well.

    Also on the topic of how your views on the game change over time, I find I'm way less likely to label players now. A 'character' might never leave highsec, for instance, but the player may have other characters devoted to 0.0 alliance warfare, piracy, dealing boosters, and so on. In a game where so many players seem to run multiple accounts, it now seems that stereotypes don't hold as true as I once thought — but then again, they do exist for a reason and there a few people I've met who are pretty much the embodiment of their label.

  3. One to add you your List Manasi, Macro miners. I'm a carebear into mission running, mining, industry, bit of a smorgasbord but the on e sight guaranteed to fillme with rage are macro miners and macro mission runners. Miners especially have a terrible effect on the in game economy with the ore prices.
    Ooooo, i hates them.
    Pirates on the other hand i don't mind. I've been pirated a few times (always to my detriment) and always got the feeling that during conversation the pirates were only just restraining themselves from a good "Yaaaaargh!", which makes it all ok in my mind

  4. Hey, I have fitted under the categories of carebears, pirates, indutrialists, faction warrist (or should it be warrior?) and maybe a griefer if you count ninja salvaging πŸ˜›

    Good sterotypes, it fits the world of EVE!

  5. What's this? Do I sense Manasi teetering ever closer to the wrong side of the tracks? *giggles conspiratorially* Personally I see the point of all play styles in EVE, though piracy is the life for me. I admire anyone who takes initiative and finds their way in New Eden, regardless of how they choose to do it. As long as they don't whine. The whiners drive me nuts.

  6. There's a pretty fine line in Eve between pirate and griefer, I think. I like to think us pirates are those of the slightly more swashbuckling variety. The ones that sometimes will wade into a fight hoping that skill and cojones will be enough to win the day. The same ones that will offer congratulations to a worthy opponent and operate by some code of honour. The griefers are those who, I guess, just lack the style and flair of the true pirate. They view gatecamping as a way of life, not a distraction from boredom. They smack. They mock less experienced players. Thankfully the Blogosphere seems to be awash with the former and that's what drew me to this lifestyle.

  7. Very interesting to see how peoples views change over time. Everyone is the same when it comes to this although I stand by my view that Harvester Drones are priced 50x what they are worth…maybe more haha!

    We're always learning new things in EVE, and not always about game mechanics πŸ™‚

    Enjoyed this post πŸ™‚

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