Listen to the inner mule

SO…. last night I logged in drove 15 Jumps to get to our fleet… and once I get there, the fleet disbands and is ‘dismissed’ for the evening, GAHHHHH.

I am in a ‘ceptor (sadly,  not many bring them so they become valuable to say the least.

A somewhat pushy yet seemingly (highlighted for emphasis) knowledgeable person setups up to FC a very small fleet.  Trying to be patient, I listen to him berate me and my director mildly for some perceived mess ups while trying to coordinate before an attack.  I relax and remember that all FC’s have bad days and maybe this is his…eager for a fight I do not listen to my inner mule.  That…. is mistake number 1.  The FC says he has a BM of where a particular Sabre ( the light version of the interdictor)  is… we all align towards a planet and follow him into warp.  I have  5 fighters assigned to me….soon as we come out 3 things are realized.  1) the BM is 35 KM from the guy we are supposed to gank.  2) there are three carriers, outside the shields  3) I need to get the hell out of dodge.   I align to the warp out point and cancel the warp just before I would zoom off ( mistake 2, if your counting) I am told to web the ceptor and sick my fighters on him.

Instead ( again ignoring the inner mule, mistake 3 ) at the FC’s command a burn towards our target meaning to web him .  As I approach, and get in locking range (32km or so) I loose the fighters ( yet i do not see any confirmation they are attacking him) and try to set up orbit about 9km out.   I proceed to bounce off the damned shield, as speed hits almost zero, guns open up and poof I am dead, the Sabre lights off a interdiction sphere.. and I am  podded to add to my disgust.  Sigh.

Too add to my further  disgust the FC proceeds to tell me how I should have warped in, targeted the Sabre, and immediately left….WTF…. didn’t he tell me that when I got there… instead telling me to web the Sabre instead?  I drop fleet, hop off that TS channel, and  wish my other Corpmate well ( the one who assigned the fighters) and purchase a new clone at the facility.

So I log in this morning and Smakalicous has told me that an article I wrote for him at EVE-Mag will be posted before too long! Horray!  From having to get together another ceptor, to realizing I will be published on another site ( with an helpful opinion piece) my outlook on the day has changed 🙂

To the FC from last night, I won’t make that mistake again, I will listen to my inner mule.

To Smak at bless you sir!


gank = ‘ to annihilate the opponet’

FC = FleetCommander

BM = Bookmark

Sabre = light interdictor

‘ceptor = Interceptor class t2 ship desgined to go very fast..very lightly armored/shielded

~ by Manasiv5 on January 10, 2009.

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  1. I love the little jargo buster piece at the bottom of the post, Masai. That's a brilliant touch. In fact, one I might have to borrow.

  2. Glad you like it , something that I ahve been meaning to do for a while just keep forgetting 🙂

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