Some pics & Vote on the E:ON AWARDS

Hooray! A nice piece of Esoteria is now Systematic-Chaos’s.  Well done:  Coven,  Stain Empire,  -A-, SyS-Kand any other group also involved!

I logged in to find a United Legion POS destroyed.  I feel a twinge for the UNL guys…as I understand Loss…(pause for a split second) there ….now I feel better šŸ™‚

Just two pics  of me getting repped by 12 Remote shield bots while someone tries to shoot me šŸ™‚

There are three pics zoomed out of a HIC gate camp I sat at guarding where the POS bashing went down. Two pics (with planet as background to show the blue interdiction sphere’s….the Heavy Interdictors  parked in a  triangle  pattern each 12KM from the gate with their bubbles meeting in the center..very cool geometry and death to any who entered.

Last two pics are a  zoomed out view a VERY heavily defended UNL POS that the above mentioned groups certainly had a good hand in bringing down.

VOTE on the E:ON awards..last year I met Zapatero in Philadeplhia…maybe I can go and see him this year wherever the awards celebration is held.  VOTE HERE

Jargon buster:

POS = player owned station

repped = getting repair by a module on another players ship ( or in station by paying money)

HIC = Heavy Interdictor through a module they projecta  sphere ina  diamter around them that prohibit warp cores from jumping a ship, in essence they cripple the warp engines of ships while within the sphere.

remote shield bots = drones that repair shields on another players ship

Coven, Stain Empire, -A- ( triple A) or Against All Authorities, and UNL ( United Legion)=  are alll alliances or groups of smaller Corporations who band together.

For the gallery pics keep clicking some are large, you will need to make the pictures of the sphere big to see the detail

~ by Manasiv5 on January 14, 2009.

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  1. Neat pics, Mule!

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