Been trying out other PvP

Hey folks took a four days to try Warhammer’s RvR, PvP.  Granted this is not a Warhammer blog…but I thought I’d share the info none the less.

RvR ( Realm vs Realm) is more like alliance v alliance than anything else.  Evenly matched players ( within a level or two) can be viable but it can be tough if caught alone.  Everyone is viable and needed.  I have a Lev 15 War Priest so I have participated in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 battles.  I like this RvR but is lacks some thing that I really like in EvE.

Tactical warfare.  Plain and simple the mastering of the adrenaline rush, yes there is that with EvE, is actaully quite difficult to do as you not only have to do 1 or 2 things at a time, you need to be 3 dimensionally spatially aware + you need to know target  range + the flow of information means split second decisions matter.  That level of fun ( or complexity if you call it that ) does not exist for me in Warhammer…yet.  So I will strive to maybe hit tier 3 and then see what if anything changes.

Granted the capturing of all the key points in a given realm matching the other three does make it more complex

This is NOT a bash on Warhammer, simply the comparison to EvE.  The game is fun, leveling starts fast, then slows, the colors the the environments left me wanting more of that to be sure in EvE.  I like being able to support poeple, call me weird or whatnot…I also like smashing my hammer into an Orc’s face too…so a War Priest is fun.

Oh, and I relocated playing areas.  I am now based in Esoteria.  Cool place, nice ‘roids, plenty of enemies, some stations, oh yea and a larger playing area = more tactics. ( Yay)

On a RL note… one of my Corpmates Son’s was in a Hit and Run accident.  HE needs well wishes so I send them out to Delvok’s boy…get better soon and here is to a fast recovery!

TC- for now I will be publishing my fiction (chapter 5 (1/21) and Chapter 6 probably Friday-ish)

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  1. Interesting- is it very grindy to move up levels?

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