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I read Winterblink’s blog and decided to offer him some support.  I too was a member of the Dark wheel and I held my tongue as long as I could. Not that he needs MY help but hey, blogpack members tend to stick together.

I can only offer you my perspective on what I know.

NO, I will not name any names.

Winterblink offers the way it worked.  That is exactly the way it worked from our submission to CCP.  We did indeed submit our nominees.  But that is only half of it.  The other ‘half’ of the work was done at CCP.

The reason for this clarification is twofold:

Every recommendation that  I nominated  did not make it past the CCP editors save for a  2 or 3 categories where many people were unanimous.   I was extremely disappointed, that many of the recommendations that I made did  not make it past the editors. I was nominated  for blog of the year (by the others in the Dark Wheel), and was ecstatic that people would like my blog enough to nominate it. Imagine me as impatient as I am waiting for the list to see that the list had indeed changed……I held my tongue as long as I could, but I had been genuinely excited… (in preparation I also made huge changes to my site: I added cache engines, widget caches, upgraded my service, and  etc…but that is a moot point now)   Yes my little ego was hurt.  I got over it… after crying to a friend 😉 ( tongue planted firmly in cheek here)

The other hand is that I really think this is their game and they have the right to award their awards to whomever they want ( hurt ego’s aside), the fact that they asked me ( and probably will never ask me again) for MY input was a phenomenal feeling good moment boost to my lil ole player ego.

So.  There it is  we selected some of the nominees and submitted the list the rest was done ( as it should be ) by CCP.  No more secret no more having to bite my tongue.

in other news…. in late October I answered the following questions for CK and well…i’m impatient and waited for three months but I can’t wait any longer, sorry CK….files so here is my Profile:

Name/Handle: Manasi

Blog site:

Faction: Caldari

When did you start playing EVE: May 31st 2003

What brought you to EVE: The level caps in other games means the end of those types of games.  I have little patience for any grinding what so ever.  The minute the game becomes a grind, I drop it.  I rejoined EvE in Oct 2007

What is your EVE play style: PvP alliance pilot with Systematic-Chaos and Ceptacemia.  In the Past I started as a miner.  The I became a mission runner, then I came to PvP.

What keeps you playing EVE: No level cap, the good people I meet, the tough, yet good nature play of EvE, the ability to never run out of things to do.

What do you write about EVE: I write about my experiences, with EvE, written as a RL person and how I get around in EvE.  I write some guides as I can, I share some feelings of what losses feel like as well as what others can look out for.  I enjoy the sharing of knowledge and getting the feedback from others.

What do you want people to know about EVE: EvE is a difficult game, with great reward. Incredibly complicated vastly deep and a wonderfully open.  In many ways this emulates life, tough but as long as you keep on keeping on things will come around.  Determination and attitude is everything.

~ by Manasiv5 on January 22, 2009.

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  1. Lovely profile you've got up there!

  2. They can shape the end result, as I mentioned it is their game. I was just bothered by the fact that I had to wait three months to find out.

  3. As far as I know, the only items removed were those of third parties who had a for-profit interest in some way shape or form, or CCP and/or its affiliates. It should be clarified that it's not as if they ADDED anything to the list, just did quality assurance on what we came up with.

    People might think that sounds bad and that they were shaping the end result, that's not the case. It's simply ensuring there wasn't a conflict of interest with the nominees and CCP.

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