WOOOO the alliance…"The Bastards" Simply ROCK!

Let me rant for a minute here.  I have heard constant talk about this DJ or that DJ doesn’t know alliances…hell I know about 1/2 of the alliances listed as many of them write blogs that I read.

I read lots of blogs maybe that is a clue to people who announce….but they have known that these fights are coming couldn’t they do a little bit of research?

Don’t they know who the bastards are?   Never ever screw with a pirate!

Originally this was  going o be a rant that the announcers didn’t know who they were…but they do NOW!

Kick ass fighting ….”the Bastards” way to go!


Grr… now the commentators… are  upset that KIA got their asses handed to em…burn em down!  I don’t care who likes KIA they got their asses handed to em!

~ by Manasiv5 on January 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “WOOOO the alliance…"The Bastards" Simply ROCK!”

  1. Thanks for your show of support, Manasi. I'll just say *we* never doubted our chances for a minute 🙂

  2. It amused me, in the week's run-up, that people giving odds went with KIA, unless they didn't like KIA. Thew Bastards simply don't whore the forums the way so many of the better-known alliances do.

    Much ♥ to my boys ^_^

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