Various questions…possible answers

Hey all I hope this post finds you well 🙂

I have some questions and perhaps some of you have answers.

Q1How many of the blogpack use some sort of program to track how many users they get? Has anyone found a way to track how many read your blog via an excerpt or by direct viewing?  i.e. if you have readers via the RSS method and they never visit this site how do you count them?

Q2Do you believe, as I do that one reason the out of game content is so good for EvE Online is that getting the actual specific info from the developers on how this works ( or how is the falloff calculated or some various esoteric formula determined) is VERY difficult to do.

Q3) How do you ( the readers) read my posts..via Google reader/RSS aggregator/some other program?

Q4) If you could ask any question that you would like an answer to ( about EvE mind you) what would it be?

The reason for this is to simply make sure that you are getting some valuable content from what I am writing…if not speak up.  While I am not shy, nor adverse to listening to well thought out points, I do have an opinion at times 😉

TC for now and please do let me know the answers to the questions above if you would be so kind…

P.S.    Yes I promised my Chapter 6… Chapter 5 was uploaded to the site last week chapter 6 by the end of this week I think.


~ by Manasiv5 on January 26, 2009.

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  1. As a reader i use google reader to view new posts but open the page itself as the reader doesn't always show the entire post from some sites. I've no answer for the other question.

  2. 1) Google Analytics.

    2) No. I think the single shard, as well as the nature of the game are what makes the offline content so good. More official answers to certain questions would be nice at times though.

    3) Browse to the blog via the blogpack links on my own blog while at work. RSS addon for firefox when at home. Considering switching to google reader though.

    4) Gun tracking confuses the hell out of me. Could you explain it in a way that a math-challenged player can understand it?

  3. Nice post, Mansai.

    1) does all that for me. Its pretty nifty, actually. In fact, I should probably start doing an end of the month summary post again,

    2) I honestly haven't really thought about it. I suppose that's partially it but I always thought it was more because we all live in the same world so its pretty natural to share information and ideas.

    3) I use NetNewsWire to read blogs. Pretty pretty please can you change your RSS so it shows more than just the excerpt.

    4) Can I have a free Stabber Fleet Issue, please.

  4. 1) Google Analytics
    2) Not really. The underlying mechanics are not too complex and the developers will answer when asked, but making judgement calls on whether you should do X or Y is better left to the players. There is no one true way of fitting a ship or running a business, and I prefer it that way.
    3) Google Reader
    4) What's the average weekly budget for a pirate or alternatively, a FW pilot or a 0.0 PvPer? I'm an industrialist and I'm wondering at what point I could support a combat ship or two with my business.

  5. 1) I use <a href="http://www.statcounter.comfor” target=”_blank”>www.statcounter.comfor simple page views and search terms. And of course, I can see how many have subscribed to my RSS feed in google reader.

    2) hmmm, I'm going to go with probably not. I think the maturity level of the game corresponds directly with the high quality of the players and thus the offline content.

    3) Google Reader with grease monkey script to load the blog in the google reader frame.

    4) Why does the Rokh have the smallest Battleship Drone Bay? 😦

  6. 1) nope and honestly I don't want to track how many people read the blog. If they want to follow, that's cool, if they don't, that's cool too.
    2) I think it's more an after effect of the single shard world we play in than the devs directly.
    3) I use my google "blogs list" but that's about it for tools.
    4) We all know POS warfare sucks, not so much inherently but because POS's are part of the sovereignty system. What would you suggest CCP do to change the system?

  7. 1. I use google analytics, as well as a built in feature of the blogging script I have installed (serendipity…
    2. Yes. While most of the Devs will confirm/deny information that is posted by the users…I have yet to see them actually offer it up when asked.
    3. I use Google Reader at work, but if I'm at home I'll open all the new posts from google reader into their own new tab in firefox.
    4. I'm stumped on that one…now I've got to think about it (yay…new idea for a post).

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