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Thanks to those of you who wrote ina and answered the questions I asked here.

I’ll do my best to answer them in this post.

Letrange asked :

We know POS warfare sucks, not inherently but because the POS’s are part of the sovriegnty system.  What woudl you suggest to CCP to fix this.

Good question.  I would decouple the POS from the sov system.  I would make having A pos needed but to claim sov I would ask that we cam capture the gates to claim sov.  Capture the system gates, once all of those have been capped, then the Constellation gate, then the Region gate.  To lose Sov ppl would ahve to attack the Region gate, then the Constellation gates, then the system gates.  Right now too easy to drop x number of POS to claim.  Defenses could be set up on the gates using current systems and perhaps you could let ppl in but not out.  This would also allow the “Chinese gold farmers /ratters”  to be controlled.  The Way around?  Wormholes ( so there is always a counter mechanic)

Kirth Kodachi asked:

Why do ROkh’s have a smaller drone bay than that of other Tier 3 battelships.

GREAT question…sadly I think that there is no real answer I can give.  Kirith knows more about ships than I do X 10.  Iw ould imagine the dev response to be something along the lines of balance although I too want the ‘real’ answer to this.

Shirrath asked: ( I tried to find a blog to link you too but I could not, so my thanks for your comments)

“What is the weekly budget of a pirate or FW pvP or alliance pilot”  I summarized that one.

Well I cannot answer the pirate question, I’ve never been one, FW similarly I am unsure.  Alliance PvP I can answer in ‘spades’.  My budget is more along these lines.  I do not let myself fall below 75Min any given week.  I have 3 Battleships purchased through my Corps Battleship program( another reason corps are a good thing) at my forward base; 2 Ceptors; my Broadsword; and a DPS caracal all fitted ready to roll .  I ahve 9 other ships in my reserve base about 20 jumps away, I ahve 6 more ships in empire at my jump point out ( including my 1 Rokh) all told about 1.3 Billion in assets, not including mods.  To make money I do rat occasionally, and I salvage EVERYTHING..every stinking wreck I find I salvage.  In a given week  4 days of playing 1 ratting session + salavging  2 days of PvP and one left up to me…I clear roughly 40M a week.  That figue however changes a good deal.  When I get below 75M I rat full time.  Hope that helps.

Wenseley wanted a free fleet stabber:

I dont own one sorry mate 😉

Myrhial Arkenath asked the following:

“Gun tracking confuses the hell out of me could you explain it so a match challenged person undertsands it.”

Here goes.  Guns spin(around an axis) and barrels elevate or lower{up and down}  and track targets to ‘predict’ where a projectile must go to hit it’s target.

The larger the gun the slower it moves in any given direction without assistance (tracking computers and such) so gun can only predict targets as long as the target does not exceed its ‘tracking speed’. so When pilot is 100km away the gun has to predict differences of a few meters even if the target is moving relatively fast.  If the projectile in the gun doesn’t have to move too far to hit something moving at 100KMaway  therefore the target will not exceed the tracking speed of your gun due to distance.  The reverse also holds true, a target at 5KM  will make your guns move as fast as they can and most times you will not be able to hit it as the targets velocity exceeds the tracking speed of your guns.  If you need more clarification please tell me and Ill do a post like this

It also looks like I am using the technology I need to to see who reads this blog.  Thanks for all the helpful tips and thank to Kirth Kodachi for the great little instruction he gave me!

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  1. Yay answers 😀 I just noticed a typo, I meant to write 'math challenged person'. This does make more sense than a bunch of numbers. I think an extended guide would be useful, I'm rather sure I am not the only one scratching my head a bit after reading the official documentation on this.

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