Attitude is Everything

I asked the bloggers the following:   “How do we, EVE bloggers, adapt to changes as they are thrust upon us (speed changes, no more ghost training, all the dev blogs, etc), or as our lives make playing the game different (more time, less time)?”.

It deserves a response by me and the title is a clue.

Attitude is everything with me.

I expect the change.  I want the change.  I enjoy the change(s).  Does this make me odd?  Perhaps, many I know don’t like or embrace change or refuse to understand that change is inevitable.  I like to be right when I tell folks I think this will happen or whatnot…I do not post too many ‘predictions’ here but I do discuss them with my corp.

Several months ahead of time and while the speed changes were being tinkered with I went on the test server and tinkered myself.  I told anyone who would listen the changes were coming and a couple people did not listen..much to their dismay when the changes actually hit. (Granted it was tough to actually see what would hit but I certainly took the hint from CCP)    Which shows what I do.  I research and learn and read then I try to let other folks know about it.  I read all the dev blogs, I use EVE-search to view the dev responses ( trolling through all the other crap is useless) Lastly I also read other bloggers, we ahve a great set of bloggers that do their best to give out information as fast as they can, sometimes even before any other people know ( look to Winterblink for that)

I will be very curious as to what other people do and would like to know what you the readers think?

Please let me know I value the comments.

Listed below are the other bloggers participating in the Banter this Month.

Check out the Wandering Druidof tranquility thoughts

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Check out Hallan Terek’s simple answer

Erbo Evans of the Ralpha Dogs has some great thoughts as well

Shae Tinian ( who I would like to see on a  hellcats calendar along with Mynxee is a nice little pieve of intimate apparel don’t blame me.. blame spectre) gave some nice comments about her thoughts

Added participants:

CK has a great writeup about both changes in life and in game and how they coexist here.

Kirith Kodachi’s thoughts which are a theme among some bloggers  are here

Animenick has a good writeup about how to balance RL with EvE

One of my Favorite bloggers Mynxee has a good writeup here…Go EMMA power!

Karox Lominax writes his thoughts here πŸ™‚ thanks br always good to hear from you.

Psychediver has some great thoughts as well they are listed here

Morphistat echos some other blogs but has a nice writeup here

A very nice blog about how to balance the game with RL  is here and comes to us from  Gabriel Theodoulos here is his blog.

Lastly, but not least Quintrala has a a great post that really went the extra mile to quote from her blog:  “So there, I choose to see change as an opportunity to plan, play and roleplay”

Editors thoughts:

First off many thanks.  I asked a persoanl question and got great info!  Many people think like I do perhaps the myth that people do not like to change is just that …a Myth.  So many peopel put time and energy into this that I appreciate knowing your thoughts and making sure my train is on the right track.  Many stress time amangement, adaptation, evolution.

As I told Mynxee I am an realistic optomist.  I try to be realistic with an edge over the line towards optimism.  I knwo I was on the right track when many mentione the research, Kirtih Kodachi ( who wrutes graet ship reviews for EVE tribune) also is an information hound like me.

As more people are added to the list i will try to upadte it as well.

Thanks again for answering my questions:

The Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on January 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “Attitude is Everything”

  1. Definately one of the more interesting blog banters so far :). Thanks for bringing this up !

  2. I agree Galen I think the informed knowledgeable player certainly benefits in both the short and the long term.

  3. We all read up on the changes that come down the pike and fortunately for the EVE community, many of us discuss our perspectives. It helps the players to adjust and it helps the devs see what the potential impacts will be. If you remember, the speed changes were rolled back after some testing and much discussion on the EVE forums and in the blogging community. They tweaked things and we have the current iteration of the speed balancing. It worked out well, even though there are still those who insist it was a 'game breaking nerf.' Take a good look, those people are still playing EVE today.

  4. great word…evolve…better than adapt,and very appropriate!

  5. Mmm… change, change is stirring the pot. Makes things look fresher, keeps them interesting. Also, every change is an opportunity for the faster to adapt, to have fun. I say, go with the flow πŸ™‚ EVOLVE!

  6. I think most EVE bloggers do much the same things you do. As a community it behooves us to stay informed.

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