The good, the bad, the ugly and the vengence

So it was a busy weekend.

  1. Took down a POS….  check  (good)
  2. Had an Alliance OP that was so poorly attended we had to call it of……check (bad)
  3. Got our asses handed to us when People did not listen to an FC…. check   (ugly)
  4. Exacted Vengeance upon those worthy of it…. check  (vengeance)

So, there had been a small POS bothering us in Esoteria, said small POS no longer exists.  I was able to jump back into one of my favorite ships ( a sniping Rokh) and laid some waste to said POS.  This was a ton of fun and sole a ‘corp’ operation.  Much hilarity and laughing about this and that…(The GOOD)

Happy with the POS ops from the night before we head out to a alliance op.  63 people on, 9 people there, 7 of which were from my own corp.  Granted late 0:400 ops are tough, but the attendance was absolutely pathetic at best.  Sadly, even tho the other POS was out of reinforced mode and could be killed we coudl not overcome the carrier plus POS defenses with 7 battleships and 2 cruisers. grumble grumble grumble ( The BAD)

One day later I log in to a mass of Reds in Esoteria outside a station I had logged in.  I popped out in my Hawk ( nice little fast ship) I got shot at but nothing much, so I docked, recharged the shields and rolled out when the FC said ‘undock’….  At which point I was killed.

Let me describe in further detail. As I come out of dock, I do nothing except kick the MWD to full speed, 10 seconds later shields are getting hit but I am doing OK.   I try to warp.  No dice, I am unable to warp.  I continue to burn towards the edge of the fight.  Behind me a cynosural field is dropped.  Oh crap…I don’t wanna get DD’d so I try to warp joy….shields gone now into armor. punching the button frantically I try again no joy.  Poof ship goes boom and I warp away to my destination.  …sigh…I hate losing ships…but no way I’d have survived the onslaught.  I head to an observation point and count 24 vs 7.  I check the fleet and see 39…where is everyone?

Come to find out these are mostly rookies/ new players who have absolutely zero PvP experience.  in addition to that a friendly dropped a cyno field to scare away the enemies( and didnt tell the FC what he was doing)  but they knew we had a generator so all it did was clear out our capitals off the field.  Turns out the new guys and the rookies are docked or are hiding…Several of our corp guys lose more than 1 or 2 ships. 22 losses on the KB vs 1 downed ship.  Pathetic.  Seems when the FC said ‘undock‘ and roll, 5 people (me included)  did (others were outside).  No wonder we were chewed up so fast…single ships undocking from a  hostile outpost = death. ( The UGLY)

Grumbling from our lack of ability to beat the hell out of the attackers 4 hours later we headed out for a 25 man roam up and down a pipe.  Success, 2 stabber kills and 1 pod (  I seem whether it be right or wrong to have a reputation for killing pods, normally I just have a fast lock is all) but hey they were red… so ‘cry havoc! let loose the dogs of war’. (The VENGENCE)

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine…I have some POS shots and whatnot I will try to add on later!

~The Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on February 2, 2009.

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  1. yo, great name for site)))

  2. I actually enjoyed this. You can safely bookmark this post. Added your site to my RSS reader.

  3. Glad to hear you had some fun this weekend. Sorry to hear about the whole station camp thing.

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