A medium sized rant ..and some hope….

I do not often use this space to ease my mind but please allow me to rant for a bit to see if I am making sense.

/Begin rant

For all intents ( ty grammar nazi) and purposes you must have a jump capable ship to participate in 0.0 warfare.  To wit here are the reasons I say this:

  • logistically you must move gear ( modules, ships, ammo, and  fuel) to your 0.0 living area.
  • You must get minerals if you are going to build in 0.0 and have the facilities in which to build items, so you have to transport said goods around.
  • To take control,and  to build permanent logistic items ( jump bridges etc) you must have a P.O.S., in order to deploy a P.O.S. you must do that from a  Carrier or ideally from a Jump Freighter.
  • The requirements for flying a Capital ship are incredibly steep.

and this is JUST the ship cost…….

Ship costs:

Carrier Class ( 750Million to 1.02 Billion per eve market )

  1. Thanatos run from 894M to 1.02B
  2. Chimera’s 750M to 950M
  3. Archon 775M to 895M


  1. Moros runs 1.6 Billion to 1.9 Billion
  2. Revelation runs 1.5Billion to 1.9Billion
  3. Phoenix 1.56 Billionto 1.93 Billion

Jump Freighter

  1. Rhea 4.1 Billion to 4.3 Billion
  2. Ark 4.19 Billion
  3. Nomad 4.08 Billion to 4.29 Billion

So whats the rant about?

Well, how are players who do not wish to train for a capital supposed to get into 0.0?  I never want to fly a carrier or jump freighter or a even a dreadnought.  I just have zero desire to fly one.  CCP by design makes the capitals absolutely necessary  in order to LIVE in 0.0.  How do I currently live there?  Through the kindness of my Corpmates who jump so many times it is not even funny.

Let me repeat requiring people to get into capitals to live in 0.0 is idiotic.  Having to rely on others ( while bonding and helpful it  is almost shameful how useless I am  in terms of Jumping operations, my cynoing skills aside) Have I played in 0.0, yes I have run long, hostile pipes with one ship 65 jumps and then turn around and come back…yes…..I do not mean getting there.  I mean living there.

/End rant

This type of necessity really does limit what players can participate in 0.0.  I see this as a stumbling block to be sure… so I am extremely hopeful that the wormholes will allow people who may not have a capital ship a way to get back and forth.

SO guys am I off my rocker?  Am I way off base let me know below.

~The Mule

~ by Manasiv5 on February 3, 2009.

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  1. And that's why i also have a prowler (well, my alt does) 😉 Even though it's got limited cargo, it gives the feeling of having some independence. Just the long hauls through the unknown gets tiresome. Hooray for Jump Bridges!

  2. For a single person (no matter how many alts you have) living in 0.0 would be 1) almost impossible; 2) very lonely; 3) not much fun (unless you like managing everything any other alliance does with multiple people/corps). That being said, I don't think living 0.0 was intended to be a solo experience. The statement that you have to be capital capable isn't true (as an alliance or corp maybe, but not as a player). I'll agree with Ombey, like him I am a carrier pilot as well, that it's not a problem for capital pilots to jump things out for fellow alliance and corp members.

  3. Ombey, I am not an industrial guy any more …I am and always have been someone who strives to be independent of others ( helpful, reliable but blessedly independent) as such I feel a measure of guilt evey time i need something moved as I cannot do it…that is what irritates me. If I was to get booted from my corp..litteraly I woudl be penniless ( not that I think that will happen) but the idea is just well bothersome.

  4. I live in Curse, and I am a carrier owner. It is handy as hell to be able to jump my stuff back and forth at a whim? Yup, sure is, and so it should given the time and ISK spent to get my rusty Nidhoggur, Is it a necessity? Nope. Many of us in our corp are carrier owners and many more in the alliance, and yes you may have to rely on people to jump your stuff, but it's not a problem for them.

    I love to move my carrier when it's stuffed to the brim and hate to jump it almost empty.

    Having said all that, I am just a pewpew pilot, I just need ships. If I was an industrial dude, perhaps I'd be unhappy too.

  5. Yeah. To pew pew is cool, to hold space is hard work many do not realize.

  6. Pick your poison: Either live close to Empire space, invest a lot in an industrial backbone or invest a lot in a jump-capable ship.

    To me, getting to 0.0 made me realize how much a simple fitting relies on the "safety net" of already-established supply chains in Empire. Pick your favourite ship and fitting. Then figure out how many blueprints and minerals and how much time were required to build it. After seeing that, many people realize that they just want to pew pew.

    The importance of jump-capable ships is both a blessing and a curse. On the other hand, it keeps the price of living in 0.0 reasonable due to the relative proximity of Empire space. But that also keeps the 0.0 systems at a colony status. Why build industry when you import stuff with less effort?

  7. I think well organized corps have carrier and jump frieghter pilots on stand by for logistic purposes to support the bulk of the corp that cannot afford cap ships. If the load is spread out amoung several jumpers, it shouldn't be onerous.

    Still, this brings up a point: 0.0 failed as an experiment in a sense that no reasonable market is able to develop out there due to the hazards of producing at a POS that can be dismantled in moments by hostile cap ships, or bringing items to sell through numerous gate camps with bubbles when its easier for people to have their stuff jumped in. In other words, cap ships ruined 0.0 markets by too many people being able to fly them.

    Gah, I'm all over the map on this one.

  8. I suspect we'll find it's too random to be used reliably. On the flip side I think for a corp or alliance to be a space holding entity in 0.0 takes carriers and dreads at the minimum. Not necessarily individual pilots. In order to live SOLO (having alt for cynoing does not make you to people). Then yes it's almost a requirement. But good corps provide the backbone that allows the non-jump pilots the means to to live in 0.0. That's part of the deal, the carrier and dread pilots need their smaller buddies to be part of their support fleet. Solo jump pilots are usually easy kills.
    If not, well there's NPC held 0.0 like Curse. Lots of non-jump pilots live there. Kinda hot on your average day though.

  9. While I agree with the need for capital ship access to be a huge stumbling block for 0.0 living, I do not believe that wormholes will fill the void. Wormholes may allow travel to and within 0.0 to some extent. The degree to which that will be available is yet to be seen though and my gut tells me it won't happen enough to be a dependable means of travel.

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