**breaking news** BoB disbanded?

Looks like something happened to the BoB alliance NAME.  Not the pilots within the Name, Soc holder and oh my what repercussions could fall from this if proved to be true.  Keep in mind this is all third hand…

What is it?  Unknown Goons are claiming credit for a Spy, Originally this was reported as failure to pay bills etc.  Bad news if your BoB as you lose all Sovereignty, Capital production facilities, Jump Bridges, Cyno Jammers…whole ton of stuff to be honest.

Reports are flying around that Goon fleet member infiltrated BoB at the Director level but all this is completely unsubstantiated.  More will be forthcoming I would imagine.  If anyone has any BoB friends you might want to either help or if your an enemy attack.

Just look up Shrike  ( the former BoB titan pilot) to see what I am talking about.

May you live in interesting times is both a Curse and a Promise..looks like that may be coming true.

~TC all

~ by Manasiv5 on February 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “**breaking news** BoB disbanded?”

  1. @StrangeApe: I think it will be mostly fine. Heck it should be mostly fine. If this is all it takes to destroy BoB I will be hugely disappointed.

  2. I wonder what this is gonna do to new Eden. It's RL couterpart would be as if the united states disbanded and became 52(?) little countries. And what promises does this hold for little corps? New alliances should be forming looking for every edge they can get…Really, i'm eager to see.

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