Stay on target!

Holy Cow, with the whole BoB mess wa are seeing tons of targets in Esoteria.  Yesterday afternoon I joined a nice big gang ( 140+) in my lil ole rupture of doom. We saw an Obleisk coming through the Pipe and well to say it was a success does not credit the members of Satin Empire, C0ven and Systematic-Chaos ( btw blinky tell Urban Mongrel that I am a member of Systematic Chaos, no I didn’t come up with the name, I just fly with them, but meh I like the name).  We prowled around made some quick jumps and eliminated the 39 man fleet with no losses.  Their Obelisk ( the primary target did the ole “log off sk”i trick but, I cannot say I blame him.  Yes, I know I promised the 6th Chapter of my story ( it really is Manasi’s story) but well it is on the wrong computer and I have been so busy fighting goons n such that I ahve not been able to upload it.  It doesn’t look like Malnor is going to be able to keep things afloat at ENN post of that is here. I like Malnor, as I even donated my stories there, but I think I may try to switch over my fiction to EvE-mag ( if they will have me write fiction for them…we shall see)

Today, I finish CaldariCruiser 5, which will mean that all the Caladri HAC’s HIC’s Recons and whatnot. Yes I fly Minmatar too but getting those hulls to Esoteria is proving quite hard to do. Manasi’s skill training is highly varied, but to say I am versatile is and understatement.  I can almost anything ( save invention ) but the primary focus for the last 8 months has been combat focus. Some training for Exploration will happen as well in advance of the New EVE expansion Apocphrya.

The hellcats Shae, Mynxee ( hi emma give her kiss for me will ya Mynx?) and Venom ahve really been kicking it into overdrive + the Bastards really ahve some great blogs here is a list courtesy of Life in low sec blog ( mynxee’s)



Two things of note dear readers:

  1. I am not a pirate and these folks are, none the less, they have an honor among them and a kindness of spirit ( even if they pod you) that you cannot deny approach with extreme caution
  2. All of these folks fly extremely well, so if you look to hard for a fight do not be surprised they might just kick your ass.
  3. Don’t look for me to come save you if you get tangled up with them..even in my cloaking broadsword or a new onyx I will not approach em without invitation…you’ve been warned.

So, Cal frig 5, Cal Cru 5, Covert ops, Min Frig 5 Min Cru 5 means lots of various ship types to bring.  I will keep Manasi focused on these two lines and perhaps if I feel up to it the Gallente Strain ( im a bit undecided atm) My alt Will definitely be the Amarr expert, which will be nice, not having to lug ammo around.

TC- keep em pointed to the next gate.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 6, 2009.

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  1. Goons…..grrrrr But hey, ty ty ty for the mention on the blog! I certainly appreciate it and I really appreciate the comment. And can I say, I love being a Hellcat and I love my Bastards, these guys are good at what they do.

  2. yea we don't particularly like goons or their ilk…so many targets to shoot at yaya!

  3. Glad to hear you guys are having some fun as a result of the dBoB fiasco. 🙂

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