Not a good weekend to be a goon

Holy Cow. The goon members in Esoteria have been taking it in the shorts to say the least.
We camped their station in AZN for quite a while this weekend.  I have 33 more kills than I started this week with..many of them were PODS but there were some good ones too:

Here is the breakdown.

1 Huginn, 1 Maelstrom, 1 Rokh, 1 Tempest Fleet Issue, 1 Scorpion, 5-6 New player ships 1 Helios, 1 Vexor, 1 Buzzard , 1 Rifetr, 1 Ares, oh and 26 Pods…not a good day to be a goon. BTW these are just My totals

Systematic Chaos killed 249 Goon ships ( yes it included a large number of Pods) but here is the icing… one of Sys K guys got in on a Mothership kill: Wyvern Death.

Now I do not know the costs involved out KB tally coud be way off but we are looking at one ship costing $24,511,507,434.00 ( according to our KB that is)

That’s right 24 Billion with a B!

For our week 708 Ships killed ( so far) 296 Ships lost 83.3 % eff

Thursday Night

3.7 Billion

Friday Night losses for Goons:

1.2 Billion

Saturday Night losses for Goons:

3.8 Billion

Sunday Night losses for Goons

2.6 Billion + Mom Kill

Grand total Aprox 35 Billion in assets.  Good work Systematic Chaos!  Holy cow,  not just good work great work!

Across the Dotlan Maps and the influence maps I ahve seen goonsfleet losing 12 more systems this weekend alone.

Hats off, to -A- (triple A),  Stain Empire, C0ven and Systematic Chaos for that MoM kill great jobs guys.

~ by Manasiv5 on February 8, 2009.

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  1. And that's why I signed up for Systematic Chaos … unfortunately, all my ships are still in empire so I could only watch and listen as the fun was had by all. Oh well, maybe next time. Great job against those goons indeed.

  2. Impressive!

  3. Wow, they aren't headed to delve to help out…

  4. I had no great love for BoB to start with but I'm sure that with what they did the Goons will be attracting the hatred of the majority of players in EVE. Just my 0.02$

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