Apocrypha notes and changes

I thought it would be a good thing to highlight some important changes coming with Apocrypha.


  • All the new graphics for planets has been done, asteroids moons planets the whole deal.
  • Ships effects are also upgraded Shield boosting remote repairing etc..

Training Que picture


Character Creation and development is completely revamped

  • I wrote an article for EvE mag last month and now there are huge changes coming to the whole attributes system.  New players will get a training boost till somewhere near 1.6 M SP.
  • No longer will you have to think quite as much as you used to about starting professions and whatnot…
  • Everyone else will be able to change their attributes  at some predetermined interval ( looks like 6 months or so)

This is huge deal for Manasi who has been stuck with very low willpower and perception since his inception 5 + years ago

AI for NPC’s….. some bad ass NPC ( sleepers ) will be making a debut in the wormhole areas within New Eden…CCP’s recommendation is to not explore alone…might be good advice. Once I get patched on the test server I’ll let you know what I find.

Probing and exploration was needlessly complex much more simplified with a totally new UI and modules to use

2499 New systems accessed via wormholes

Archaeology/ hacking/ salvagers get some love too new content was added in this area.

T3 ships subsystems skills needed


For many alliances this tidbit is important “The cynosural field generated by a starbase structure cynosural generator will now allow all ships to jump bridge through with a Titan even if some of those players are in different corporations and alliances than the Titan pilot. Previously the starbase cynosural generator would only allow members of the Titan pilots’ alliance to Jump Bridge through. Cynosural generators created by a ship remain unchanged as they allowed all ships to jump bridge with the Titan.”

Another gem for you PvP’ers: “The targeting process is no longer interrupted, stalled or changed by activating an offensive module and trying to target a ship which is already in the process of being targeted. Previously players would have seen the target lock seemingly aborted with a warning message displayed.”

The Fitting UI has been redone Ill update you on what I think once i get the patch downloaded

So all in all things look good ( no this is not a comprehensive list of items) but there are some big ones on there.

Ill update this post with more info as it becomes available. This list was pulled from Kirith Kodachi’s preliminary list I am sure more will be forthcoming.


~ by Manasiv5 on February 10, 2009.

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  1. sorry MANASI**

  2. Mansai, do you still need some info on a new host?

  3. So far this looks like it will be my favorite expansion. Lots of changes I craved, and it may actually get my boyfriend to play the game as well.

    Agreeing with Mynxee that the new blog theme is pretty ^_^

  4. Thanks for the pics, the que looks nice ! I wouldnt mind tranfering some of my intelligence over to perception once the expansion hits.

  5. I'm surely looking forward to the March expansion, based on all the great images and info posted by you, Kirith Kodachi, and others. Also…great new theme on your blog…love the look of it now.

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