The winds of change…

So it was a busy weekend again.  I setup a page for my Corp and have been working very hard at consolidating all the info we have.  Went on quite a few operations, mainly in Feythabolis.

The goons in the last 3 weeks have lost 79 systems.  Have there been big fights?  yes, indeed some of our corp went into delve to lend a hand against the Goonswarm menace.  Yes, I said menace.  There are some people in Goonswarm who I probably would like and enjoy playing with, but on the whole their reputation is pathetic at best, and worthless in other regards.

Here is some proof for those that like to see it:

The long and short of it.  They have won 15 systems and lost 79 for a net loss of  64 systems.

Granted they probably have traded a few of these back and forth in the delve region.  The same can also be said of kenzoku

Tactical Aalysis:

Goonswarm has pulled out of Esoteria, and has moved ina big way to take Querious & Delve regions, which due to the Sov 1 issues has proved somewhat successful. They ahve losta  tremendous number of systems and all the jump bridges in Esoteria, potential jump bridges in Feythabolis, and Tenerifis

Triple A (-A-) has moved ina huge way to occupy former Goonswarm Space, essentially dividing the goons forces in Catch, Tenrifis, Feythabolis and Omist.

UNL still provides support and has rolled into the Southern Part of Feythabolis.  They are being divided in Paragon Soul by the Stain Empire, C0ven and Systematic-Chaos forces.

Red.Overlord is also filling much of the former goonswarm space in Feythabolis, Omist and Impass, this small alliance has proved they can take a pocket of space and defend it.

Red Alliance has been pushing really hard through Isenmother and Scalding Pass.

So what does all this mean?  well by either pulling out of Feythabolis, Scalding Pass, Isenmother & Tenerifis, a tremendous surge in changes in space has occurred.  Goonswarm, im my opinion, is overextended and has moved so many of their forces from their former areas into capturing Querious and Delve that they may quickly find themselves a foce divided.  Granted this is avast oversimplification as titan bridges and whatnot really do extend range and jumping through empire is still a viable, if not incredibly useful tactic.  None the less, the losses sustained by the Goons, and the huge rise in Red alliance and -A- means that not too much time will pass before goons cannot occupy the space they left.  Interesting times indeed.


~ by Manasiv5 on February 17, 2009.

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  1. Hello Manasi! It was me who posted the comment. Let's check again then if all works now.

    In my original comment I stated following: "I would not be so quick with saying GoonSwarm lost and BoB won it all. Goons moved out of old place, making it simple for AAA to go in. Heavy fights in Delve are not to see fully yet on maps for week or two. But since yesterday, BoB sovereignty on maps starts to slowly reflect reality of the happenings…"

  2. "not too much time will pass before goons cannot occupy the space they left"

    That's kind of the point of abandoning space; you don't plan on coming back.

  3. SO I did see someone respond to my announcement of goons anyone else having trouble commenting? The Plug-in Intense debate was pissed I'd moved my blog and what not so soe comments go jacked up.

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