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“What lies beneath?”

Manasi’s comlink chirped. Jeff said “hey boss you might want to get up here… the Caldari Falcon is transmitting a info feed showing a gallente hyperion transmitting a warning that any ships that jump through carrying “illegal passengers” will be shot and boarded.

“Roger that”, said Manasi. “I am on my way to the flight bridge. Have the ‘Scourge’ heavies loaded and tell the missile crew to get ready, fire the sensor boosters and push the shield hardeners online.” Already ahead of you we are ready.” We will arrive 150KM off the gate and see what the Hyperion has to say.”

Manasi called the falcon pilot, “lt. commander, please stay cloaked and get ready to jam the Hyperion. Already on station at optimal jam range at the moment once I hear the feed got hot ill uncloak and jam…is your plan to run?

“Yes we are not set to fight a Hyperion.” Replied Manasi.

“Check, check” we have and Ishkur that has joined him. “Understood plan stands as before”

Manasi still wondered why they wanted Janelle so badly but that did not matter even f she was not a wonderful woman he would still have protected her. They were aboard his ship and his responsibility. The Caracal was a missile ship but she was fairly nimble and could get up to warp quickly. They arrived 165 km from the gate and 163 km from the Hyperion.

The Hyperion Captain came on communication channels. “Pilot we are declaring a military emergency and will board any vessel that wants to get through this gate”

“You are free to try but you will not step foot aboard my vessel. The last time I checked the Yulai protocols do not allow the unfettered access to ships whose pilots have a positive security rating and as I have just double checked mine you will notice that I have a 3.04 security status. So, stand down and I will jump past.”

“Pilot I will not debate you.” , “fine don’t expect to be able to board without a fight.” Manasi interrupted and cut the Hyperion commander off… he double clicked his coms and the Falcon uncloaked and fired the jammers…Both ships are jammed came back the reply is 3 seconds. “Jeff, warp us to zero and Jump on contact.” Said Manasi.

They warped to zero and jumped through, the next system was clear, and the warped to zero at the next gate…he double clicked his coms again and the falcon pilot said, “You clear?” “Yes…” said Manasi. “Thanks for the jams. I owe you and your father a drink I will not forget …” reminded Manasi “Sure thing ,safe journey.” Lt. Commander Smedley said.

“Jeff, keep the crew on standby, how many jumps to the station?” “8 away.” Said Jeff

Janelle appeared at his side, “what was that about?” She asked. Manasi replied, “I don’t know, but someone in the Gallente Navy doesn’t like you too much but they want you alive for sure. Is there anything you can tell me why they may want you so badly?”

“I can tell you and Jeff but no one else. You deserve that at least.” Said Janelle.

They made their way to the captains briefing room. They sat down and Janelle explained that through a source she had come across something that her company was trying to replicate. Manasi was wondering what ‘it’ was till she pulled out a very small cipher locked case and opened the case to reveal a full set of ‘Snake implants’. As of lately Janelle said, “Speed it the current thing that everyone wants, these implants are from the Sansha’s Pirates area in deep space in the Stain region. With these implants a pilot such as you could hit incredible speeds.” Manasi looked atJeff for an idea on current value. Janelle saw the look and responded “upwards of a 1 Billion for the full set although the prices vary tremendously.”

“hmmm not an insignificant amount of money to be sure, why would the Gallente Navy want them?”

For their Special forces pilots, the Gallente want to be able to tweak some of the other hard wirings to allow their pilots to go faster from the start, of course the Amarr want them too and that’s the reason I have them. I am the chief implants and clone researcher that they use in the Tash-Murkon Area. They were jumped via Carrier from the Saminer System. I could not tell you before, and even now I am breaking protocol but without your help and the Smedley’s , who are friends of my Father and Mother, I would not have been able to make it back. Originally, I was going to investigate you and see whether and older clone body would last long in stasis and if these implants would work for you. Then I was recalled back before I could talk yo you about them.”

SO, she was smart, cagey and very well connected.

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