More meat for the grinder please

Well we have had an influx from a  corp that has decided to join Cepta.  Which has me thinking….what will people new to the game think with all these changes? i.e. how do these changes affect a new player?  Why do I care?  Perhaps it is my optimistic nature, but in order to get better, more people need to play.  New players are often seen as ” meat for the grinder” and while this is true in most respects it is VERY TRUE in EvE. Is that their only purpose?

The New NPC AI seems…well shit I don’t know…on one hand I want to get into a T3 ship desperately…..but I’m unsure if any of our PvP folks will even try to get into them or not…from a  new player perspective I know the last place  would go as a new player would be a frigging wormhole, but as a PvP vet now I think it could be cool.  The fact that I can spider tank is one reason I like the idea.  It may be worth some exploration to be sure. New players cannot spider tank without the remote repping skills,  so  this is one reason among many I do not expect to see any new players in wormhole space, unless they die that is.  No not a slam on new players, just and oberservation.

I happen to LIKE new players they bring diversity, and new perspectives to the game, they do provide cannon fodder ( and LOLMAILS) but they also learn quick what to do and not to do ( especially if they are in a  good Corp/Alliance) EvE University is/was remains a good place to start I would bet.  Kinda nice that the big egos get blasted to shit within 5 minutes of entering game ๐Ÿ™‚ ( did i mention I don’t like egotistical people?)

The new NPE seems like it is squarely aimed at the brand new person I will try my best to hop on and test it out and let you know what I think.

What are your thoughts on new players?  Meat for the grinder or …more than that?

~ by Manasiv5 on February 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “More meat for the grinder please”

  1. I don't think new players are more meat for the grinders. I just started playing a year ago and look at me now!

    By the way, watch for my upcoming series this week and the next on the "new new player experience".

  2. Good summary Casiellla! I too think there is much for most everyone in this next content release ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. One of the most interesting bits about EVE is that its growth pattern doesn't resemble that of a typical MMOG as uptake over time continues to increase. And of course, in many ways, new players can be competitive fairly quickly even with low character skills.

    That said, W-space and all that it entails isn't directed towards them. It's another form of endgame content, designed to provide the challenge and rewards that L5 missions never really did.

    So to me, Apocrypha contains different bits directed at different parts of the player base: the revamp to the NPE, new probing mechanics and exploration content for mid-range to experienced players, W-space for vets, T3 ships, and continuing graphics revamp and UI changes for everybody.

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