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Hey guys I’m having trouble with IntenseDebate ( which I do like) as each time I install it I get flooded with e-mails etc…bear with me as I fix that.  There are also some various widgets that I will be adding as needed ( I still want to get to be a referrer from EvE Online ( I e-mailed them months ago and no word…but ‘meh they are busy I am sure)) so you might see some small changes to the site.

Morphistat created a tool to allow those who are hosted at to be able to show the blogroll.  Those who self-host do not have this problem ( I placed it at the foot of my blog), thanks Morphistat!

This page will probably stay the same for a while although I will probably change the path to get here…don’t worry you should not see anything different if I do it right.

I will be away in TX this weekedn so no updates till I get back

I have been slowing down my fiction a little but as promised i did release my sixth chapter so if you liek it comment, if you hate it comment, never having professed to be a writer I did the best I could.  Mules have thick skin tho so honest criticism doesn’t bother me.

Unlike some other bloggers I do feel as if those who read my blog shoudl get what they would like, without you guys this is just a online game diary of sorts and well I’m too manly for that, or is that too muleish?

Check out the Apocrypha site  the wallpapers are AWESOME…I like digital art so hey what can I say….oh and I saw tidbit that you’ll be able to EXPORT THE UI!  Hot DAMN….thats what I am talking about. ( huge thanks to Winterblink for the post about it.!) to quote: ”  There is no shortage of customization in EVE, from overview settings to ship fittings. Now players can export their favorite settings, catalog them for easy reference and share them amongst corp mates.” ~

~ by Manasiv5 on February 24, 2009.

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  1. Morph…I never had a problem with any of my feeds ( that I knew of ) thanks none the less. 🙂

  2. Yeah intensedebate does some weird things, also it didnt import my old stuff properly, so I went back to regular commenting.

    > Feed -> Those who self-host do not have this problem

    Actually it didn't, as the links to the blogposts didn't work. The default reader doesn't parse atom feeds properly (which is kinda dumb but that's a different matter). Looking on google for a solution is how I found out about this workaround. Anyway, glad you like it :).

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